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Welcome to Bali. We provide a brief description of the beauty and charm that we have on special in Bali and Indonesia in general. Bali is one part of the province of the Republic Indonesia. Bali consists of one main island and there are 4 sisters island (Menjangan Island, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida).

Bali offers travelers of all ages numerous and various leisure activities to enjoy in this paradise island. Whether you want to throw yourself from high altitudes, hurtle down frothing rapids, explore the wonders of the deep or just lie back and take it easy, Bali is the place. The beach is a major factor in any island holiday and Bali has a coastline which offers every possible water activity, including surfing some of the best waves in the world, swimming with  dolphins toursBali cruises, snorkeling in Bali,  Bali diving tours, Bali sailing, and   fast cruise service.
The beautiful and dynamic natural environment complements the rich and interesting of  Bali conservation park. You'll find on this site current information on the island of Bali and beyond as like  Komodo dragon tourLombok & Gili Island tours,  Borneo Island tours and  Java island tours all over in Indonesia and down-to-earth advice, sometimes biased by personal experiences but never influenced by commercial considerations.
MBA Tours & Travel was officially established under the Ministry of trading and Commerce No: 3052/2011 registered travel agent with Tourism Authority of Indonesia (IAT), Since then, we have been continuously operating in receiving tourists from America, Canada, Australia as well as Asian countries especially Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesian national market and all around the world. We provide specialized tourist guides speaking fluent English.
Do not worry about your interest and budget to go travel in Bali, you can always find activities to satisfy your needs and pocket. Our entire Bali tours package directs operates by our team through our own offices in almost all the major islands of Indonesia, with the involvement of the local people to develop in our standard. By operating packages ourselves, we can directly control the standard quality of our package and to provide you with first-hand tour prices. We have been trusted by many travel agents from all over the world to be their ground operator in Indonesia with various types of clients; solo travelers, groups, adventurers, honeymooners, businessman, students or families.


The date on September 19th, 2000 is sacred cause our history began. He was a young man "Dewa Made Gunawan" just 25 years old who have dared to start a business travel agent with open counter Tourist information on Kartika Plaza Street, Kuta-Bali, Tourist business aims to provide reference information to tourists and helps travelers organize and plan their holiday while staying in Bali even in Indonesia.

As the founder of MBA Tours and Travel, Mr. DEWA GUNAWAN more familiarly called Made GUN very seriously and worked hard to develop its business and expand its vision and mission is: to help create employment opportunities for young people even before they had experienced being before work, provided they are ready to Learn, grow and work hard. And the basic principle that is always on hold by Mr. MADE GUN: success is a journey in which we continue to share the benefits for others, and can help others achieve success.

Mr. Made GUN in October 2001 began to open the new branch in the road poppies 2nd, July 2002 and then re-opened two new branches on the road in Legian and Kuta beach road, and until now the MBA already has 8 branch offices spread across locations in the area of KUTA.

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After passing through a crisis because of the Bali bombings of 2002, early 2003 is a new era in our work team, we have evolved with changing our name to be MADE'S BALI ADVENTURES however, some of our customers to suggest names for the MBA to simplify the pronunciation of our name. MBA stands for MADE's BALI ADVENTURES. October 2005 again we  had a crisis time when the second Bali bombing, but thanks to God and our solid teamwork to survive even we have periods of rapid progress, it's all happened thanks to the support of our loyal customers when they back (a repeater customers), even they always recommend our service to colleagues, families, and tourists who want to visit Bali, that's a lot of promotions to help us because the information from mouth to mouth.

 Our Vission

Being a part in the development of tourism in Indonesia and provide services on our trip, travel in Indonesia, so that we can introduce and spread the standard of our service to tourists visiting Indonesia "LOVE ALL SERVE ALL" and our target is to be able to relieve their boredom, so after holiday they can come back refreshed and ready to do their routines better, and in the end we were able to enjoy the benefits of the service that we provide to the tourists who have used our services.

 Our Mission

  • Build and develop 3 pillars in the Group with the strategy of aggressively marketing and sales&sustainable.
  • Creating a new range of diversifying the tourism field, Achieving the highest levels of productivity by providing a variety of quality training and opportunities career development for all staff.
  • Developing areas of operation throughout Indonesia.
  • Entered a strategic partnership, Being a market leader in tourism services on-line and off-line, by using advances in applied technology, tourism business.
  • Gaining recognition in the field of industrial, tourism as a Group Travel Company and The most professional in Indonesia
  • Give opportunities to every person who is ready to learn and work hard even though they have not had previous experience in tourism to develop their own potential.

 Our Philosophy

Based on Honesty and Good Intentions for sharing,  always want to  grow up and improve our Quality and Finally will increase the Welfare of Our Team

 Our Motto



MBA Bali Tours Core Outlet

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  • MBA PANTAI 325 (0361) 4754682



My Janem Transport and My Janem Rent Car & motorbike
This Pillar has become a very important factor to support our services to the tourists. We always provide the vehicle is still new and definitely worth taking the road with airconditioner and we always control our vehicle maintenance. and our driver is a driver who within the reach of surveillance and controls us. so we always maintain and improve the quality of our driver in the form of training: knowledge, language, and attitude in serving tourists.                                

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bali rental

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Once again, we give thanks for trust from our loyal customers who have helped us to recommend our service to friends, relatives, family, and through other media to promote us. as our gratitude, we are committed to always maintain and even improve our services in the future.


All of our staff in every department teams always get the technical training before starting work and they must pass a rigorous selection, we always do the training even re-training to maintain our service standards, we even set up a mysterious customer who they really are on duty to ensure our service as standard.


Once again, we give thanks for trust from our loyal customers who have helped us to recommend our service to friends, relatives, family, and through other media to promote us. as our gratitude, we are committed to always maintain and even improve our services in the future. At the end of our story, we expect support from all potential tourists to be able to try our service so that you are following someone her who can help us to promote us to friends, family, and everyone whose visit in Bali.a sense of excitement we say thank you very much to all the loyal customers who have never enjoyed our service, customers who currently we serve, as well as prospective customers who are ready to try our service IT'S TRULY SENSATIONAL. 



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