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Gili Tepekong is the bigger island next to Gili Mimpang. There are three dive sites, Tepekong Canyon, Tepekong Blue Hole (also wall) and Tepekong Slope. Drive to Candidasa or Padang Bay Harbor eastward of Bali. Take about 30 minutes by boat to the island. On this dive sites have high potential to see white tip reef shark, sweet lips and colorful coral fishes. Depth range 5 meters to 25 meters, current from medium to heavy and unpredictable. Recommended for experienced divers only.



Gili Tepekong :

Is the biggest offshore jagged boulder rock stood in Amuk Bay, its location is actually closer from Candidasa resort, but the access is difficult from there, due to the reef barrier which runs along the beach forming big waves lapping into the coastline. Therefore Padang Bai is the safest access to this dive sites, fortunately easier by boat, from the simple wooden fishing boats to modern fibre glass boats with variety of passengers capacity are available. There are two points interesting at this place Blue Hole (northeast) and Canyon (southwest).

This island of rock, with a rounded cap of grass and it is the most remote of the Amuk Bay sites, located about four kilometres northeast of Tepekong. It is a beautiful steep drop-off reef, nicely fissured and terraced in places, rings most of the island, going to a slope in the north. The inside of the island’s curve is always protected from the current, but heavy swell can make things worse up near the reefs wall face, particularly for your boat captain who picks the divers up. End of the rugged and terraced reef wall will lead into blowhole where a number of Reef Sharks can always be found under the overhang of the blowhole wall, inside also lives abundance of lobsters in between the cracked wall. To dive into blowhole should you carry a quality light, inside it is really dark.

There are swarms of reef fishes at this dive sites, the beautiful Mayer’s Butterfly fish are rare through out of Bali reefs, is common in this site. It is the only possible penetrating into blowhole when a small surge laps the reef wall and water is pounded out from blowhole. The swirling current can occur at some places of the site, to be safe, is to stay close to the reef wall face and ascend a little distance from the reef wall face. The water temperature dips as below as 20 degrees C, so get ready with the proper wet suit to stay warm.

Publish Rates: USD 120/ person, Special Offer USD 70/person (min. 2 people)


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  • Donation,
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  • Insurance.


B. C. D. : US$ 10
Regulator : US$ 10
Wet Suit : US$ 10

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