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Dive with mantas on Manta Point Diving spot in Bali and explore the other beautiful dive sites around Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. Take about one hour and fifteen minutes by boat from Nusa dua. Manta ray generally you can see during season July to late September but sometimes can be seen beyond the season. Water temperature generally quite cold and you need long wet suit to keep your body warm.


It's located across the Badung strait from Bali Southern, offers some of the best diving to be found anywhere. But conditions around Penida and its two sister islands- Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan- can sometimes be difficult, with unpredictable currents reaching four or more knots. This is not a place for beginner divers and inexperienced boatmen. Also, upwelling current from the deep water south of Bali, which keep the water crystal clear and makes the water uncomfortably cold. Due to the currents sweeping past Penida means just about every single dive turns into a drift, it is worth bearing in mind the following points:

  • Always stick close to the reef seek protection behind coral heads and bommies, and the currents that flow right up against the reef is always less fierce.
  • Overall, it is not the most rewarding place for photography as its currents are unpredictable, they can shift and turn into strong currents.  Anyway as its waters are crystal clear, videographers will find these sites more satisfactory to their needs.
  • Because of the strong currents and its unpredictable change in its intensity and course, this can potentially cause the divers to easily separate from the group, it is recommended to bring an inflatable signal device, which it helps the skipper to see you f you become separated from the group.

Manta Point :

The name of this dive site is derived from the Giant Manta Ray patrols around it, often found by the divers and almost all the year around. To get this site is a must to cruise 50 minutes longer compared to other sites in Nusa Penida. Its location is the most south of the island; potentially hazardous its big surges, which could affect the technique of entry procedure, sometime starts from deep water. The maximum depth would be 15 meters, mostly stay in 4 to 6 meters where Manta Rays patrol along the line of the cliff, no further deeper than 15 meters. The bottom composition is huge boulder rocks are stretching along the edge of the cliff, further left to the cliff do not exceed the ragged wall, where the current picks out up to the deep beside there will be no Manta Rays as well. And to right will continue slope bottom, the current gets stronger between two huge boulder rocks headed out on the surface. The best place to see Manta Rays are at the left corner about 5 meters beside the huge boulder rock, stay calm then Manta Rays will get closer and closer to swim around in small school of 3 to 6 Manta Rays.

The reef at this point isn't different than the dive sites on the north shore of Nusa Penida, gradual slope reef to 18 meters then sharper slope to deeper water. The reef grows short with many Sea Whips spreading along the slope and its length can be over 2 meters, these are the indication of the current sweeps frequently from mild to moderate. The diving descends down current until the corner of the most eastern tip of the Island, once close to the corner, current shifts toward open sea. The sea creatures have been reported to see are Reef Sharks, Manta Rays and other big pelagic, surely variety of tropical reef fishes. To get to this point will take another hours cruise from common Nusa Penida points like SD or Peed. Water temperature is about average 28 degrees C, and a safety stop is recommended to float up the sausage to be used by the skipper to get you after the dive.

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All of above Dive Trips are included :

  • Land and sea transportation,
  • Two air tank and weight belt,
  • Mask, Snorkle,
  • boots and fins,
  • Lunch and soft drink,
  • Underwater light for night dive,
  • Donation,
  • Dive guide and Insurance.


B. C. D. : US$ 10
Regulator : US$ 10
Wet Suit : US$ 10

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