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Bali white water rafting or Bali rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on white water for different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers. Bali rafting offers you a chance to join this exciting water adventure at Ayung River in Ubud, Melangit River at Klungkung both of river providing the grade water adventure with exciting class II & III rapids and Telaga Waja river at Karangasem regency providing great class III & IV rapids. With beautiful scenery and landscape and also the original nature along this Bali rafting. Bali Rafting operator has an expert and experienced guides will give you an insight into the river ecology and amaze you with their dexterity and skills in this classic adventure tour. Having Bali rafting is truly adventure experiences on the great river with the amazing view of the riverbank and surrounding area. Discover hidden waterfalls, swim in the pristine water and feel the thrills of the paradise river. Be sure to enjoy the views from the stunning restaurant and bask in the energy of one of Bali's most tranquil settings.


Established from 1995, Telaga Waja River are best destination for Bali rafting, cause this river has class rapid water from 3 till 4 grade waters, so it's will be good for beginner and will give challenge for experience, and the water from the Mountain Springs Of Mount Agung, and your journey are 14 Km on the raft or in the river around 2,5 hours. Once you paddle on the river, you'll enter the secret beauty of Bali. through the pure nature, wild tropical forest, over hanging trees and vines creating a thrilling beginner-class rafting course. Enjoy the extremely clear water, flows around numerous hairpin curves and experiences out breathtaking grade 3 and 4 rafting through a deeply carved valley with towering waterfalls along 14 km course.


Experience a unique and unforgettable journey through winding gorges, luscious jungles and magnificent terraced rice field. Paddle through breathtaking waterfalls for unparallel fun on the river. We will pick up at your hotel and drive you through Bali's unspoiled villages in the Carang Sari district.has been watering stability posses in the all weather as well as many rapids that the River categories from II up to III.


Melangit River Bali rafting trips twist and turn through a rainforest canyon. Steep cliffs line parts of the river. Steep gradient in some places creates waterfalls ranging from one to four meters. The Melangit river is one of the river turning are sharp, currents are fast and impacts of river walls are challenging that make the adventure more exciting. The adventure will surely relieve your stress and make you fresh. Considering there are a lot of challenging rapids and interesting view along the river, you will feel that adventure lasts too short.

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