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There are many different kinds of spa massages available at spa clinics. Massages offered at spas are usually only for relaxation purposes, not for people seeking relief from chronic pain or serious injury. Clients can book a day at the spa or stay for a weekend. Some spa locations even offer resort packages including food and accommodations. There is also the option of just visiting the spa for a specific treatment. A spa massage is more than just a massage - it’s a relaxing environment where you can spend a day or more escaping life’s stresses.

The type of massage received at a spa depends on what the individual is in the mood for. Depending on the particular spa, there are many different massages to choose from - such as Swedish, full body, hot stone therapy, pre and post natal, shiatsu, facial, deep tissue, relaxation, and aromatherapy [Aromatherapy] massages. Clients can choose to have their massage delivered to the whole body, or they can have it concentrated on one particular area.

 @ Galuh Bali Spa House "Nature Inspiration", 2 hrs US$ 65

Aromatic Footbath, Body wash, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower bath, Body Lotion.


 @ Galuh Bali Spa House "Sweet Dream", 3 hrs US$ 85

Body Steam, Aromatic footbath, Body Wash, Traditional Facial or Hair Creambath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower Bath, Body Lotion.


 @ Galuh Bali Spa House "Harmony", 5 Hrs US$ 295/Couple

Balinese wedding costume with 6 pose, Body steam, Aromatic Footbath, Bodywash, Hair Creambath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Traditional Facial, Tropical Facial, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower bath, Body Lotion, Finish for the treatment Lunch or dinner.

 @ Sekar Jagat Spa House "Bali Spa Ritual, 3 hrs US$ 90"

75min Balinese Massage ・ 30min Ayurvedic Shirodhara,30min Body Lulur with natural ingredients,15min Blossom Filled Bath ・ 60min Bali Hair Cream Bath

 @ Sekar Jagat Spa House "Ayurwedha Honeymoon", 4 Hrs US$ 295/Couple

75min Balinese Abhyanga Massage,40min Balinese Lulur (deep soft exfoliation) OR Boreh (warm healing pack)
20min Milk Herbal Bath,30min Indian Head and Shoulder Massage,30min Shirodhara (warm oil poured on forehead),60min Hair Cream Bath,45min Lymphatic Drainage Facial
Indonesian meal (fish or chicken or vegetarian), table water, tea, Bali coffee

 @ Sekar Jagat Spa House "Ayurvedic Shirodhara", 2Hrs USD 80/Person

30min Ayurvedic Shirodhara with Head Massage, 60min Traditional Hair Cream Bath, 45min Abhyanga Massage Abhyanga Massage softens and moisturizes the skin, decreases effects of aging, supports good vision, enhances the mind/body connection.

 @ Dancing Finger Spa House "Dancing Finger ", 75 mnts Session US$ 65

Jari Menari's All Male Professional Practitioners integrate long, flowing strokes, into each session, encouraging you to feel the connection of mind and body. A full body massage, using oil and a rhythmic flow to ease tension out of the body.

 @ Dancing Finger Spa House "Absolutely Amazing" - 60 mnts US$ 65

A fantastic balance of four hands moving in harmony as two Practitioners blend their strokes for an orchestarted session that leaves guests happily blissed and smiling.


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