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Jari Menari, translates to 'Dancing Fingers', which describes the flow of our fingers during this wonderfully effective massage. The Massage and Training Center opened in August 2001.
The professionally trained, all male staff is known for massage sessions that offer strong, firm, consistent pressure and our Guests become frequent visitors.
Jari Menari offers Massage Classes every Tuesday, to advanced practitioners or those interested to learn massage, based on a 9-step, oil-free sequence. Taught by Komang,Vincent, Ari and Momo, the Senior Staff is excited to continually share their knowledge and skills with guest.
Jari Menari's All Male Professional Practitioners,integrate long, flowing strokes, into each session encouraging you to feel the connection of mind and body
Our favorite sessions combine the best techniques,designed to relieve muscle tension and encourage deep relaxation


Dancing Finger Massage, 5 minutes Session US$ 65
A full body massage, using oil and a rhythmic flow to ease tension out of the body.

Massage Class, 5 hours US$ 135
Massage Appreciation Classes, Exploring Basic Massages, Half Day Introductory Course, includes: Yoga, 3-hrs Instructions,Lunch and 90-min Massage

Jari Menari's Signature Session: US$ 85
The Favorite Massage - 90 minutes
This Signature Session is a blend of techniques from Swedish Massage, Thai Stretching, Breema Shiatsu, Esalen Massage, Traditional Indonesian Body Work and focussed enrgy. The session features long, flowing strokes with extra time and attention focussed on areas on concern such as the low back, shoulders and neck. A delightfully relaxing massage for rejuvenation!

Cool Stone Massage - 30 minutes USD 45

Cooling aloe gel is applied with smooth volcanic stones to moisturize sun burnt skin and refresh the skin, easeing the heat generated by sun kissed skin.


Serenading Singing Bowl, - 90 minutes U$120
In this massage session, an acoustic, vibratory experience is intefrated into the delivery which restores balance and harmony to the body.
The Singing Bowl is held above, or placed directly on top of the body, so the vibrations can be absorbed, encouraging ‘adjustments” that are not achieved with external manipulation.The session integrate the music of the Singing Bowl into the Jari Menari "Dancing Fingers" Massage

I Love Back Massage - 45 minutes US$ 95

This massage focuses exclusively on the back of the body, feet, legs and head, using nominal oil on the back.




Connoisseurs Massage - 90 minutes US$ 70
The Jari Menari Staff continually receives extensive, advanced training that will fascinate massage connoisseurs! Each massage is innovative and rhythmic; influenced by yoga, and the gentle, effective stretches release back tension gently and slowly. We are proud to offer this massage, and promise Guests that have received massage around the world, this will be a unique session.

Thursday Massage Class from 9 am to 3:30 pm US$ 295
Taught by the Senior Jari Menari Staff learn a 9-step, oil-free massage sequence in just one day! Students watch demonstrations, give and receive techniques taught throughout the morning.This class teaches oil-free massage techniques and attention is focused on the back, head, neck, hands and feet.After class enjoy lunch with Jari Menari Staff
Then receive a 90-minute massage The class will conclude by 3:30 pm with a gift

Absolutely Amazing - 60 minutes US$ 65
A fantastic balance of four hands moving in harmony as two Practitioners blend their strokes for an orchestarted session that leaves guests happily blissed and smiling.

Massage for Children - 45 minutes US$ 65
Children are welcome to try the joyful experience of massage with their parents in the same room.These 45-minutes sessions will have kids surrendered into a truly relaxed state as they melt under the gentle hands of the Practitioner.




The Training Center gives us the opportunity to share our ‘massage success secrets’ and ‘psychology of massage’ tips with others in light, fun filled,
dynamic workshops where studies include both giving and receiving sessions to truly understand the concepts." The interaction between students from around the world is an additional bonus as friendships are developed that continue for years.
Each class offers opportunities to be taught by, study with,mingle and meet Indonesians,offering an in depth insight into the country
“Our Vision is to encourage students to be creative and inspired when offering sessions to their Clientele.
Continuing education adds excitement to sessions as new techniques are integrated.

We encourage students to be fluid in their movements,unpredictable in delivery and by keeping a consistent rhythm the practitioner can enhance the deeply relaxed feeling for their Guest.“We believe in giving the massage we wish to receive”Continually directing attention to the low back, shoulders and neck is our intention,the areas most guests enjoy massage Asking the Guest to focus on letting go of thoughts while focusing on their breath, we can work together with greater concentration and harmony to release their inner tension.”
Workshops will also address: aromatherapy applications and how to creating a soothing, beautiful ambiance for massage. At lunch our Chefs will introducing healthy, organic lunches or we will take you out to sample delicious and interesting Indonesian food.
We look forward to seeing you in Bali for a class soon!

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