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3 Famous Place to see Dolphin in Indonesia

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Who does not want to swim with dolphins? This famous water Mammals friendly with humans. You can see her beauty immediately when jumping out of the sea, in the third place.

this is the three place that will bring you to the dolphins:

1. Lovina Beach, Bali

Bali Lovina Beach is one of the locations to meet the dolphins. Many tourists who had come from the morning to see the beautiful leaps from water mammals.

If you want to see dolphins, travelers must be prepared to climb boats from 05.30 pm. Later, the boats will take you out to sea, the gathering place of the dolphin.

There are about 500-1000 tails of dolphins roam around the seas off the coast of Lovina. As if the idea had anticipated a lot of people, they will swim aggressively and show off the beauty of her body at sea.

Not only dolphins, underwater Lovina Beach is also interesting to enjoy. If you're lucky, dolphins will faithfully accompany swimming or snorkeling activities.

2. Kiluan Bay, Lampung

Not only Bali, Lampung also have spot to see dolphins. Is Kiluan Bay, the place name which will bring you with these aquatic mammals.

Gulf Kelumbayan Kiluan located in the District, the District Tanggamus. The distance is only about 80 km from Bandar Lampung, or about 60 Km from the City Attorney, the district capital Tanggamus.

In a way, this place is one of the dolphin habitat. Here tourists can meet and take pictures of dolphins. When the brave and have diving license, you can go swimming and dancing with dolphins in the Gulf Kiluan.

Kiluan Bay has several species of dolphins. Two of them are bottle nose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and a long half-life dolphin (Stenella longirostris).

Bottle nose dolphins have larger bodies and shy. While dolphins have a long beak smaller body and happy jump.

But travelers should arrive early if you want to see the attraction of funny dolphins. This is because most of them appear

3. Siladen, North Sulawesi

One more place that will bring you to the dolphins, which Siladen Island in North Sulawesi. Siladen is one of the five islands in the National Park area Bunakan, exactly in the east of the island of Bunaken.

Usually, tourists come to see the natural beauty under the sea. In fact, travelers who came only presented with the beauty of the underwater world beautiful. If lucky, you can also see dolphins swimming fun there.

Dolphins usually appears when we see ships sailing in waters Siladen. They will be swarming around the boat, as if to accompany the whole way.

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