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3 The issue of Palestine and Israel's Complicated

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Palestinian and Israeli delegates met in Washington in the past two days looking for peace efforts. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Tuesday (30/07/2013), said the two delegations agreed to continue talks. Kerry also believes the two sides will reach kesapakatan to end the conflict. The meeting will be held in the near future, discuss the key issues that make both sides hostile.

Here are three key issues between the Palestinians and Israel.

1. Seizing Jerusalem

Israel refused to divide the city of Jerusalem into two areas, namely politics and religious center for Jews. Under the Basic Law of Israel in 1980, Israel made Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

While Palestinians consider Jerusalem is a city that was captured by Jordan hers and then captured by Israel in 1967. Palestinians consider Jerusalem the capital of a Palestinian state. In this city there is a Muslim shrine, the Masjid al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Golden foothold Prophet Muhammad during Ascension.

Meanwhile, the United States does not recognize the mastery of East Jerusalem by Israel that refuses to put kedutaab magnitude remained in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv, Israel's capital city today. President Obama also rejected the construction of Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem.

2. Border Dispute

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the establishment of a Palestinian state and Israel was willing to withdraw its forces from the territory of the occupied West Bank in 1967. But Israel wants to set a definite border including areas of settlements that Israel has many settled in the West Bank and Jerusalem. However, right-wing groups rejected this idea.

While the Palestinians want the border issue talks started from the position that the land Israel captured in 1967 in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza. This will be the Palestinian territory in the future. In return, the Palestinians agreed to exchange land for Israel.

While the United States agreed to the establishment of the border, and yet must be based on the acquisition of territory in 1967. The U.S. wants the land exchange was to be the basis for negotiations.

3. Israeli settlement area residents

Israel still refused to move residents of Israel in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Israel refused to halt settlement construction while the population of the region as a condition to start negotiations.

While the Palestinians want all of Israel abandoned local settlements, such as that carried out in Gaza. Nonetheless, the Palestinians agreed to a small number of permanent residents living in the region. However, how many minimum number of people who may live and who to go to replacement land is still being debated.

Meanwhile, the United States denies the existence of settlements in East Jerusalem and Israeli West Bank. However, the U.S. was silent when Israelis build settlements in the area and willing to compromise.




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