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4 Airport With The Longest Runway in Indonesia

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Seeing the number of aircraft to and fro in Singapore Changi Airport and Tokyo Narita, or perhaps Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta, chances are people will think if a third of the world's busiest airport has the longest runway, at least in Asia. If you think so, it is necessary to listen to this more complete review.

You know, if the longest airport runway in Indonesia owned Hang Nadim Airport, Batam, which is 4,025 meters. In fact, the length of the airport's runways only in Batam beat Changi in Singapore and Narita in Tokyo, which is 4,000 meters. Indirectly, Hang Nadim airport runway making it the longest in Asia. Well, aside from Batam's Hang Nadim airport, there's more the airport with the longest runway in Indonesia.

Hang Nadim International Airport, Batam

mba bali tour - hang nadim international airport

One service in Indonesia, which has the longest runway is Hang Nadim airport in Batam. 4,025 meter long runway and defeat all airports in Indonesia, even Changi Airport in Singapore and Narita in Japan. The airport is a gateway to leading Anambas presenting outstanding natural charm. Prospective passengers can get a ticket promo Lion-Soekarno Hatta water from Batam at a price of IDR 566,697.

Soekano-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta

mba bali tour - Soekano-Hatta International Airport,

One of the airports in Indonesia busiest is Soekarno-Hatta International Airport which has two runways and is located 20 km west of Jakarta City. The airport has an area of ​​approximately 18 square kilometers with a runway length of 3,660 meters and is the gateway to the Thousand Islands and the region to the Jakarta Special Capital. Prospective passengers can get attractive prices to start the journey from Surabaya to Jakarta Airlines Sriwijaya Air is only IDR 599,000.

Frans Airport Kaisiepo, Biak

Frans Airport Kaisiepo,

Kaisiepo Biak Frans Airport is one of the leading air gateway to interesting sights, the Cave of Japan. It turns out the airport has the third longest runway in Indonesia. This has a 3,571 meter runway. Uniquely, this airport is of Dutch heritage from the time of World War II. Get the special promo ticket to the Cave of Japan route Jakarta-Biak with the airline Sriwijaya Air is only IDR 1,523,704.

Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar

Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport,

One of the airports in Makassar, Sultan Hasanuddin has the longest runway number 4 in Indonesia. Runway has a length of 3,100 meters. Although the status of international airport but none of these international flights except the Hajj. However, since July 25, 2008, the airline Air Asia opened the International route Kuala Lumpur to Makassar city with a ticket price is IDR 1,182,900.

Interesting is not it, that Indonesia has an airport with a very long route. Moreover, airports are the gateway to get to the interesting sights. You can get cheap promo tickets well as visiting places of interest adjacent to the airport's longest runway in Indonesia grounded it.

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