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4 Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

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If you ever feel the jet lag, you know how difficult it is back in shape. Foreign body reaction in the hours seemed very real. Fortunately there are some things you can do to prevent it. 4 This is a simple way to avoid jet lag:

Adjust time activities with the destination country before departing

If you can swap time, should begin to undergo routine according to a destination country. Started to sleep early / later and replace the feeding schedule. Preparation slightest can give great effects and help us when the new future to the country of destination.

Change the time in hours

Set the time on a watch or phone us fit for purpose. It can make us like've lived in the country we wanted to visit.

Avoid the sun-exposed side of the plane

Message seat on the plane that is approximately not exposed to the sun so that we can fall asleep easily. However, if this is not possible, take advantage of using a blindfold free air provided or bring sunglasses comfortably from home.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Although very tempting, half a bottle of alcohol and espresso could disrupt travel across the continent. We will pay when it landed later. Instead, avoid alcohol and caffeine. Drink water only on the plane.

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