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5 Differences Between the Traveller and Shopaholic

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Have you ever traveled? Almost everyone is very pleased with this activity. But have you ever asked by a friend, family to be held by the by? Actually, what makes us think that the traveller thought the same as Shoppaholic? Now you need to know 5 Differences Between the Traveller and Shoppaholic, so the next time you are not wrong to ask your friend.

1. Traveller just need clothes, bags, and maps. Shopaholic need money and wallet.
Traveller turned out to be a simple man. They just capitalized clothes, bags, maps, and some money. Their goal is clear, which is to visit a place, enjoy, and appreciate God's creation. They only get feedback in the form of essence and spirit enjoyment. So often the traveler has more happiness and longevity. Some are calling the traveler can be ageless.
Unlike the case with the shoppaholic, they capitalized wallet containing money or a credit card can buy clothes at the mall. When compared, shoppaholic also an inner satisfaction. However, the difference traveler gained experience and knowledge while shoppaholic got the goods wanted.

2. Traveller cruising places, Shopaholic visit many mall.
The traveler is not just humans who do not have the bustle necessarily go anywhere. Their activities are precisely as they explore a place with a group of traveler. A really spirited traveler will never find it a waste of time, tired, and hopeless when they have reached the ultimate goal. Traveller always feel proud when they are able to conquer theirself and reach his goals.
Shoppaholic also has the main goal. The goal difference is huge malls that provide a wide range of branded goods. Certainly the shoppaholic will get around to the end of the world to get the desired item. So no wonder if the shoppaholic willingly and out of the mall one mall to another to look for a specific item, even though the result is zero.

3. Traveller story collecting, Shopaholic collector branded goods
For you the traveler, many stories you take home and experience that is second to none. Traveling is fun, but you need to know that traveling is not always bring the goods on his return. Indeed, the most important is the story and the experience gained valuable.
It is undeniable that shoppaholic is a collector reliably. Ability to select and sort the original and counterfeit goods into the point of deciding whether the person is indeed a shoppaholic or not. Shoppaholic who shop a lot of stuff to make them become a collector of expensive and branded goods that is not necessarily used.

4. The Traveller is a visionary, Shopaholic is a voters
For the traveler, planning is important. Going where, when, and how we are when there is a plan that must be thoroughly prepared. But for some traveler who has reliably, only about transport planning and equipment to survive in order to safely go home. Then it can not be denied that a traveler has advanced thinking and insightful or visionary.
While a shoppaholic is a voter. Lovers mall is always good at choosing the goods to be purchased. This is not a shortage, but also the advantages of a shoppaholic which is rarely fooled by counterfeit goods.

5. Traveller take home dirty clothes, Shopaholic take home souvenirs
For you who have friends, a girlfriend, a family who like traveling, do not ever ask for souvenirs. Later instead given food or goods, you are even given dirty clothes. why yes? a traveler not a shopper. Traveller just enjoy a trip to the satisfaction of the soul.
Differences with shoppaholic which always bring a bag of goods after shopping. Even if the goods were not necessary, but always buy. So, people who deserve ask you to give a gift is a shoppaholic, not the traveler.


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