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5 Location Hiking in Indonesia with an Amazing View

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mount rinjani

In addition to maintaining stamina and physique, hiking also be an appropriate means to practice self-defeating. Stop in the middle of the road away from civilization would not be the right choice. The only solution is be able to continue drain the energy to complete the challenge of hiking.

Confident of being able to conquer yourself in places the super cool landscaped below? Make sure you are aged 21+

Mount Ijen

Climbing Mount Ijen become one of the favorite sports of youth. At holiday time for school or college, hiking to Mount Ijen be one way to get the best adventures with friends. In addition to the track is relatively easy, plus the services of a tour guide, some other exciting attractions to enjoy, such as the Blue Flame and sunrise are equally beautiful.

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani on Lombok and be satisfied of alternative tourism after spending time on the edge of the beaches of Nusa Tenggara Barat very beautiful. In contrast to Mount Ijen which has an easy trek, required heavier struggle when climbing Mount Rinjani. Preparation will be the key to success in conquering Rinjani.

Mount Arjuna

Mountain range on the island of Java provides many alternative options to climb. One of them is Mount Arjuna. By mid-level altitude, climb Mount Arjuna is also one of the most desirable spots young children nature lovers. That said, there are many myths and legends of days and times kingdom that normally would "accompany" the climbers.


Although quite far from the capital Jakarta, but Papua always provide satisfaction for the tourists. Especially with its natural beauty. One of the most classy spot for hiking is Baliem Valley. Not only presents a trajectory that was amazing, but also the hospitality of local residents who make the adventure more complete.

Mount Semeru

When looking for a more extreme challenge, Mount Semeru awaits adventurers to conquer. Experience across the highest mountain in Java, this will provide a new thing, either for physical would also spiritual. Some of the beautiful scenery that will be encountered is Ranu Pane and Ranu Kumbolo, and stands on a cloud as the sun appeared on the eastern horizon, providing views of the mystical but fantastic.

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