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5 Most Amazing Archeological Sites in Indonesia

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5 Most Amazing Archeological Sites in Indonesia

In Indonesia there are several archaeological sites. There are at least five of the most amazing archaeological sites that can be visited in Indonesia. Such as Sangiran in Sragen Leang-Leang to cave in Maros, all of them are archaeological sites that exist in Indonesia which be recognized by the world's uniqueness. Compiled from various sources, this is the fifth most amazing archaeological sites in Indonesia:

1. Sangiran


Sangiran is an archaeological site that is located into the two districts in Central Java, there are Sragen and Karanganyar. Sangiran in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. This is because Sangiran become one of the most complete ancient human in the world. The extent of regional archaeological sites are 56 km2. Not just a website, Sangiran also has a museum. There are about 13 809 collection of ancient human fossils in Sangiran Archaeological Museum. The collections illustrate the process of landscape and life in them from the Late Pliocene epoch to the end of the Middle Pliocene. In addition to a early human fossils like Homo Erectus, there are also fossils of animals, plants, rocks and other equipment. If you are interested in coming, the museum is open Tuesday through Sunday at 08.00-16.00 hrs. ticket price entry of around Rp 5,000 per person.

2. Lore Lindu National Park

Lore Lindu National Park

Lore Lindu National Park (in TNLL) in Southeast Sulawesi not only been home to the variety of flora and fauna. The national park also has ancient relics that is megalithic sites. There are about a thousand megalithic stones scattered at Napu Valley region, Besoa and Bada. There are megalithic stone has been carved into a kind of stone sculptures. Based on research, rock megaliths existing in TNLL around the year 3000 BC. This rock size varies from 1.5 to 4 meters. Supposing, Lore Lindu is Indonesian-style Easter Island. Because, Lore Lindu had the same megalithic stone sculptures sejen.

3. Mount Padang

Mount Padang

Mount Padang is a megalithic site in Karyamukti Village, District Cempaka, Cianjur, West Java. This site is busy talking because of the many unsolved mysteries. Gunung Padang site is believed to have existed since 5200 BC, older than the pyramids in Egypt. Site Mount Padang is located in the hills and consists of 5 levels. Each level has a unique stone structure, such as at level 2, there is the World Crown stone who arranged like a seat of the king. Reportedly, the person sitting on the stone will be blessed. Near the entrance to the site there is also a well whose water never exhausted. The Local People said as well Kahuripan. Many a traveler who wash your face with water from the well is as it is considered can make lightly mate.

4. Archaeological Park Cipari 

Archaeological Park Cipari

Besides Mount Padang, West Java has other archaeological sites in Archaeological Park Cipari. This site is  located in the Ciparis village, District Cigugur, Kuningan. The sites area are 700 m2. Cipari site created in expected at late Neolithic and early perundagian in 1000 to 500 BC. Ancient relics in this site is quite interesting. When entering into the area of the site, the traveler can see menhirs, coffin tomb, stone bracelet, bronze axes and various other pottery fragments.

5. Leang-Leang Prehistory Park

Leang-Leang Prehistory Park

Leang-Leang Prehistory Park in Maros, South Sulawesi is one of the amazing archaeological sites in Indonesia. In the park there are prehistoric caves in the walls there are ancient paintings are believed to 40 thousand years old! That said, his paintings are older than the cave paintings in France. Paintings on it is a painting of human hands and hog deer. Red and white color was dominant on the picture. This proves that the painting has been in Indonesia since tens of thousands years ago. Besides painting, in this cave area also contained artifacts and shells. If you're curious, you can come to Leang-Leang Prehistory Park. From Makassar, this park can be accessed by public transport in about 1 hour.

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