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5 Most Expensive Android Apps

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Android phones lead as much as 80 percent of the market share of smartphones in the world. Wide variety of handsets are also available at a cheaper price than the iPhone, and can be said as well as Android apps. When Apple put prices up to 999.99 dollars for an app, Google put a maximum price at 200 U.S. dollars. Here are some of the most expensive Android app version as reported by PCMag

The Rob and Joe Show

DC combines radio announcer Rob Maher and Joe Robinson as the host of a radio comedy podcast with the title "The Rob and Joe Show". They are targeting politicians and their daily lives as a comedic topic. Listeners can listen to "The Rob and Joe Show" via streaming or download Android applications for 200 U.S. dollars that can be listened to whenever you want. But this free app for iOS.

Tuition Medical Applications

Sky high cost of medical school can lead to a heart attack pretty serius.tapi a student has a cure. An application that can help them as much as 200 U.S. dollars for each download. For donors might think after graduation will be flooded with money, but the students explaining to pay for the school they have to work long hours to produce about 50 thousand dollars per year for several years.

Live Clock Pro

Time is money with this application can do a makeover clock on your Android device. And claimed to be able to save the battery.

VIC Traffic View

Traffic on the state of Australia, Victoria, really bad. Because to be there should install this application. This application provides a view through the camera and access the latest news on the way.

Deduce - Grandmaster Edition

Skill levels just as the description alone. You can compare your high scores with people all over the world, but limited to less than five for the download statistics. But that can be known, it is faster than the game Tic-Tac-Toe, but as complex as chess.

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