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5 Mountain to Greet the New Year's First Sun

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Indonesia has locations "perfect" to see the sunrise captivating. If you missed the atmosphere of the turn of the new year serene, choose to enjoy the sunrise over the mountain peaks.

Having tired of climbing and camping, in the morning time to welcome the warmth of the sun. Here are 5 mountain in Indonesia that could be an option see the beauty of the first burst of sunshine in the new year.

Mount Batur

The volcano is located on the island of Bali, more precisely in Kintamani, Bangli regency. The tracks has suitable for beginners and professional climbers, making this mountain is so popular mountain tourism in Bali.

In addition, the mountain is very suitable for the "hunt" sunrise. Moreover, the mountain is surrounded by Lake Batur, increasingly adding beautiful panorama.

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Mount Prau, Dieng

Mount Prau located in Central Java, precisely in Wonosobo, Temanggung, and Magelang regency. Panorama sunrise at the peak of this mountain is famous so pretty.

At the peak of Mount Prau is green grass, some more in the background will appear two twin mountains that Sumbing and Sindoro.


Mountain, located on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, precisely in Ende has crater-known and commonly called Lake Kelimutu. At the peak, visitors will find three lakes in three different colors that often change over time.

Usually climb to the top is done in the early hours, or about three in the morning. So that when they arrive at the top right when the sun rises. Rays of the rising sun that falls into the lake reflections that make the lake so shiny.

Mount Papandayan

The mountain that located in Garut, West Java, is suitable for beginner climbers who want to see the sunrise at the top of the mountain. On the way to the summit will pass through a friend who emit a hissing sound and the smell of sulfur.

But while at the top, the climber greeted Edelweiss beautiful flower beds. The volcano is famous as the place to see the sunrise and a favorite of hikers in the surrounding area such as Jakarta and Bandung.

Mount Nglanggeran, Gunung Kidul

Mount Nglanggeran located in the village Ngalanggeran, District Patuk, Gunung Kidul regency, Yogyakarta is an ancient volcano-shaped giant boulder. When overnight on top, glittering stars will accompany. Then at sunrise, replaced the warm sunshine with a distinctive green panorama of mountains.

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