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5 Travel Destinations in the World with Cheapest Rates

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For those of you who have an adventurous spirit and would rather go with the way backpackers, perhaps these places can be a material consideration for your next destination. No need to worry about the cost, because in this place you can vacation with cheap rates, following 5 countries with the lowest rates that can be visited by backpackers.

Cambodia is one of the countrys most visited backpackers. Overnight accommodation expenses can you pay only the price of U.S. $ 4 only. Although the flight there was a bit sparse, but, for food and a place to stay that is very cheap. Moreover, many are also available in Cambodia sights are free.

Quoted from Lonely Planet, in Nepal you can spend all day at a cost of U.S. $ 5 to U.S. $ 7! If you have a budget of more for travelling, you can enjoy typical local dishes. You also need an additional cost for a visa if you want to vacation here.

in this country you can explore the natural scenery is so beautiful. Here it takes a very affordable budget accommodation, ranging from U.S. $ 10. If you vacation in Colombia, Bogota and Cartagena city is the right choice to visit; both the city is very popular among tourists.

Continental Europe is not a continent that cheap for backpackers on holiday. But if you want to visit, there is one city that is quite fitting for backpackers bags, namely Prague! To rent a hostel, you can spend between U.S. $ 10 to U.S. $ 15 per night. Not only that, in Prague is also available a great selection of cheap drinks and activities that do not need to spend money.

Compared with Singapore and Malaysia, countries Thailand may not be the favorite destination to visit. But actually, Thailand has many interesting and unique. One is the Phuket coast, coastal beauty is extraordinary. To be able to stay there and you guys spend just U.S. $ 10! Regarding food, you do not need to worry, because it offers a variety of dishes Thaliand country. Generally you need money in a day about a U.S. $ 40.

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