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6 Benefits of Honey for Health

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For Health Benefits of Honey Honey is also widely used as a culinary ingredient supplement. So what are the benefits of honey are useful to the body. for my friend who has acne and hard how to remove acne nah mate can consume honey.

Honey is a liquid that resembles honey syrup is more viscous and sweet taste, produced by bees and other insects from the nectar of flowers. If the wasps are in the nest of honey has been removed from the bag honey nectar contained in the abdomen and chewed worked with other wasps, if nectar is finely placed on the cell, if the cell is full will be closed and there Ferment.
benefits of honey for health:

1. Treating cough at night
Research conducted by Dr. Herman Avner Cohen proved that honey is useful for treating coughs at night. So sleep even more soundly. Researchers followed 300 infants who had trouble coughing at night.

2. Helps the digestive system
Recent studies have found that honey was found to increase in the intestinal microflora. Microflora is what will contribute to improving the digestive system in the body.

3. Prevent heart disease and cancer
Honey contains a substance called polyphenols. Which is an antioxidant that helps protect cells from free radical damage. So the effect on heart health and prevent cancer.

4. treat wounds
Hydrogen peroxide contained in the honey was able to overcome skin diseases, skin burns and sores on the skin. The way is by slathering honey on the affected skin disease or injury.

5. treating acne
Based on research, the type of Manuka and Kanuka honey proved to be effective for treating acne vulgaris. That is a skin condition caused by inflammation and infection of the follicles of the face, back and chest.

6. Preventing mosquito bites
Honey contains anti- inflammatory properties (anti -inflammatory) which serves to reduce itching and irritation due to mosquito bites .




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