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6 Mistakes most often done while wearing sunblock

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6 Mistakes most often done while wearing sunblock

For those of you who frequent the outdoors, definitely need sunblock or sunscreen. Besides being used to protect the body from sunburn, sunblock also serves to prevent cancer and premature aging. However, there are procedures for the use of sunblock wrong over the years. 6 Mistakes most often done while wearing sunblock

1. Wait until you are outdoors

On the coast, the average person to wear sunblock when they were already on the beach. It is not appropriate, because according to research, the use of sunblock start working after 30 minutes.

2. Using a sunblock after dressing

Wearing the correct sunblock is flat throughout the body. If sunscreen is not used to the whole body, the result will not be optimal. So that your skin may still be exposed to the sun.

3. Not protecting the lips

As well as the skin, the lips are part of the body that must be protected. But do not use sunblock to the body. Use a lip balm that has a slightly thicker good SPF to protect lips.

4. Forgetting certain parts

If you do not want your body stripes when activity outside, do not miss the small parts without sunblock. Part toes, the lower legs, back of the neck, ears, and eyelids must be protected sunblock.

5. Adjust sunblock

When swim make sure you wear sunblock is resistant to water. Regular sunblock will not be able to survive when exposed to water. Except if only to protect your outdoor activities.

6. Protect the face

Sunblock for body usually different with sunblock for the face. Sunblock face is more sensitive, protects from irritation, and does not trigger acne.

6 This is a common mistake often made when using sunblock. Hopefully your skin stay healthy!

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