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6 Things Obliged to Keep in Mind, to be Traveler with Responsiblility

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It seems everyone is obsessed with the slogan of this one. Travelling who used to be said luxury goods, tertiary, have now become part of the lifestyle of almost every modern man.

True, traveling need to refresh the mind. Travelling can prevent ourselves from stress. Travelling can even recycle creativity stagnates. All people need to travel. Everyone shall try to be a traveler, even if only a day or a week.

But being a traveler not just visiting beautiful places and showing his picture on Instagram or BBM status. Far more important than the two it is how we can be a responsible traveler. Indicate if you are not a traveler who selfishly.

Here are some things you should remember when you admit a responsible traveler.

1. Throw rubbish, although there are no written rules

Throwing rubbish wisely is the responsibility of everyone, everywhere. Moreover, if we were visiting a tourist spot. One plastic wrap that we carelessly waste could have a major impact. Because there will be people who follow a 'footprint' we throw garbage in the same place. Even if someone else is already doing it, does not mean we can do the same thing.

No need to wait no written rules or restrictions throw garbage printed in capital letters. Get rid of waste that you generate in place. If indeed there was no trash, keep them in a purse or bag, then dispose of as you find a trash can.

2. Pay no means has the right to ruin

Just because already paid several tens of thousands of silver for entrance tickets, then we feel it is natural that the flower in the garden that we visited because of being damaged by shoes. Naturally if we throw a plastic bottle under a tree. Naturally we pluck one or two flower stems.

Let us stop this kind of thinking. This is the mentality of people who do not want to be invited forward. Precisely because we already pay, so our shared obligation to preserve the sites we visit. In addition, there are other travelers who also has the right to create facilities.

3. There are rules to be obeyed and not create infringed

The manager of the tourist attractions that we visit various regulations to preserve the venue. So we should also abide by the rules and restrictions that have been made.

"But other travelers also violated!" It is precisely because other people do not heed the rules, do not let us participate exacerbate the damage by doing the same thing. More and more sites are damaged by irresponsible behavior, the less beautiful places in the country that we can explore its beauty.

4. Be polite to the people around

The responsibility of the visitor not only to the environment. Respect the people who live and make a living around tourist attractions. Do not be arrogant and as much as possible, follow the norms prevailing there.

Regarding the locals trying to earn a byproduct of passing tourists, do not unnecessarily rude if you do not want to use their services. Reject smoothly. If not, reject firmly without causing a fuss.

5. Don't leave anything  and don't take anything except photo

Take nothing but picture! Leave nothing but footprints! Kill nothing but time! Stay away from the name of vandalism. Even simple graffiti on the stone was already included acts of vandalism. Do not repeat the action graffiti on Mount Fuji that makes our nation to shame.

6. Be responsible for the safety of their own

Responsibility towards the environment already, appreciate people around also. One more thing that is equally important is ensuring the safety of themselves. Do not get to experience things that are not desirable because of forgetting to maintain safety.

Those are some things we should consider to be a responsible traveler.

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