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6 Tips to Save Backpacker to Malang

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existence Singo Edan Arema statue is an initiative of the citizens as one of the icons typical city of Malang, East Java, which is located in front of New Town Station Malang.

Traveling to the cities in Indonesia at this time could be an option if you want to spend the weekend is quite short. One goal could be the main list is saving a trip to Malang, East Java. Before deciding traveled to this Apple City, consider some tips that you can consider. 

First, determine the appropriate time. If you choose a long vacation or adjacent to the child off school, you should be ready with the risk of price increases transportation tickets, rental an accommodation and entrance fee for the high season period is more expensive than a normal day. Better planning a holiday in low season. 

Second, for those who want to reduce the cost incurred for transportation, please select the mode of transportation convenient and inexpensive by land. For example, from the region of western Java you can choose the bus and train for a trip to Malang. 

One of transportation can be your choice is Matarmaja economy-class train from Jakarta to Malang with a ticket price of around IDR 115,000. Or choice of economy class AC train is Malioboro express from Yogyakarta to Malang with a ticket around IDR 140,000. Try to book a ticket since long ago because you will have more chance to get a ticket at the cheapest price. 

Third, you can choose a homestay or boarding house daily to stay in Malang. The price offered for the facility to stay very affordable, ranging from IDR 80,000 to IDR 150,000 per night. 

Although the facilities were given only limited bed and bathroom, the cleanliness of the inn is very well worth the price being offered. Some low daily boarding can be found around Jalan Bunga Coffee, Simpang Jalan Borobudur, as well as the area around the campus in the city center of Malang.

Fourth, choose a practical mode of transportation to get around in the city of Malang. You can use public transportation or opt for the daily bike rental. One advantage is the bike rental you can walk around freely and practical because it rarely got stuck in traffic. Only with a price of about IDR 50,000, you can rent a bike for 24 hours. If the fear of getting lost because they do not understand the way, take advantage of the GPS application on your smartphone. 

Fifth, visit landmarks or attractions in Malang cheap. Some sites are even free to visit, for example Malang Town Square, Square Stone, famous for culinary Ketan, Floating Market around the Museum of Transport, Statue Singo Arema Malang in front of the station, and so forth. 

Sixth, during a trip to Malang, in addition to the cost savings you also have to consider time management. Before the trip, please set your travel time to be effective and efficient. For example, if the first day you want to target sites in Malang, on the second day you can walk around in Batu accordance with the schedule that you created earlier.





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