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8 Beautiful hidden beaches around the world

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Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach in Hawaii. (Photo: istockphoto)

You won't find hordes of tourists at these eight secluded beaches from around the world—just unspoiled sand and surf.

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach
Maui, Hawaii

It takes some maneuvering along a rocky trail to get to Kaihalulu, but visitors who make the trek are rewarded with a quiet, secluded cove and stunning red and black sand from Ka'uiki Head, the cinder cone hill located above.

(Photo: David Buffington/Getty)

Cayucos State Beach
Cayucos, California

California has no shortage of great beaches, but the protected state beach in Cayucos has successfully avoided overdevelopment and remained a popular haven for surfers.

(Photo: istockphoto)

Salema Beach
Algarve, Portugal

Salema is a small fishing village in Portugal's Algarve region. Although much of Algarve has been overtaken with high rises and beach resorts, Salema still has its original charm. Fresh seafood, stucco houses, and cheap rooms (called quartos) abound here.


(Photo: Andrew Bain/Getty)

La Grand Plage
Biarritz, France

Located on France's Atlantic coast, the Grande Plage is famous among surfers for its shorebreaks.

(Photo: istockphoto)

Rialto Beach
Olympic National Park, Washington

It might not be a sunbathing destination, but rugged Rialto Beach has some of the best views along the Pacific Coast.


(Photo: istockphoto)

Sopot Beach
Sopot, Poland

The water in the Bay of Gdańsk might be too cold for swimming, but Sopot—home to the longest wooden pier in Europe—is also home to several spa resorts.


(Photo: Bruno de Hogues/Getty)

Duong Dong Beach
Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Vietnam's Phu Quoc island has a number of idyllic beaches—all with white sand, warm water, and palm trees.


(Photo: Michael Lawenko Dela Paz/Getty)

Huanchaco Beach
Huanchaco, Peru

Peru's beaches are excellent December through March, especially Huanchaco, a popular surfing spot.




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