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A walk in the butterfly park, Bali

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I adjusted my camera setting to capture fast-moving objects while noting to myself that despite the clouds, plenty of sunlight that Sunday afternoon would help me capture great shots of butterflies in action.

Later on, however, I discovered that what I did capture –sunlight and clouds regardless – were hundreds of blurry photos.

So that was a little disappointment. But the failed attempts certainly did not stop me from enjoying my visit last month to the BaliButterflyPark in Jl. Batukaru, Sandan Wanasari village, located north of Tabanan, or around 35 kilometers west of Denpasar.

The number of butterflies in the 3,700-square meter garden varies from time to time, due to the creatures’ short life spans and the breeding activity’s dependence on the weather. The number of species can range from 30 to 50.

“It is actually nice in here [in the park]. At first when my driver recommended it I was skeptical, but it has turned out to be a good place," Rene, a tourist from Netherlands, said.

Ponds, a small waterfall and plenty of trees adorn the park, giving it the look of a tropical oasis.

In the center of it is a hut to keep the pupae, or cocoons, along with larger butterflies, which visitors are allowed to touch with care.

Also in the center is a pavilion displaying an array of insects, such as a variety of mantis from the small, leaf-shaped to massive ones, rhino beetles and scorpions.

From the screams, it seems that these two places, providing up close and personal interaction with the insects, are the most interesting for visitors.

One staff member was teasing a rather distraught visitor “But, you have a scorpion tattoo on your arm!"

On one side of the park, is a dark room filled with glass cages displaying sizeable insects, including spiders.

Those extremely uncomfortable with the thought of sharing space with live creepy crawlies might find the small room containing preserved dead insects near the exit more bearable. Otherwise, there is also the souvenir shop, which is unlikely to have live bugs in it.

Unfortunately, the park is not equipped with information boards that can help visitors learn more about the creatures. Therefore, this process is highly reliant on the staff’s knowledge.

The BaliButterflyPark is a good stopover when visiting the Tabanan area. Its strategic location encourages people to drop by while they are on their way to the northern area of Tabanan where the Jatiluwih rice fields and BatuKaruTemple are located.

BaliButterflyPark, one of the biggest in Indonesia, has been operating since 1996 and it is open every day from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. The entrance fee is US$8.50 for foreign tourists.

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