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Adverse Effects The Use Of High Heels

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According to the survey, the heel began to hurt after wearing high heels for one hour, six minutes and 48 seconds. And for 20% of people, their feet begin to ache after 10 minutes wearing shoes dancing (dancing shoes).
More than a third of respondents said they became so sore feet at night to dance without shoes and walk home barefoot. This statistic is the result of the College of Podiatry which surveyed 2,000 British men and women, as well as 60 and Chiropodists podiatrists.
Mike O'Neill, consultant podiatrist from the College of Podiatry warned that wearing smaller shoes can cause long-term damage, including arthritis, stress fractures and trapped nerves, may even require surgery or steroid injections.
O'Neill said, "There is absolutely no doubt that women who wear high heels risk of permanent injury. Between a pair of stylish shoes or feet are beautiful, many people will choose a shoe stylist."
"But the higher the heel, your body should lean forward and lean to compensate. This can make your pelvis to shift and cause compression of the spine."
"High heels make your legs hurt, pinching the toes and can cause the nail to grow in the foot, the skin becomes rough, stains, and calluses. And as the toes squashed, feet become damp, causing the toes to be wet, then multiply into athlete's foot or athlete's foot (rash, itching, blistering, peeling, itching). "
According to research, one in four people dancing barefoot in a club or bar when no longer endure the pain and a third of volunteers even take off their shoes and walk barefoot to the house because of the inconvenience.
O'Neill added, "Shoes can cause aches and pains, and finally fractures. They also cause increased wear and tear on the joints and soft tissues, which can lead to arthritis."
"Some women also suffer from a pinched nerve, which may require surgery or steroid injections to combat pain. Wearing high heels, dramatically shortening the Achilles tendon, which causes excruciating pain when you then try to wear flat shoes."
"Every heeled shoes higher than two inches noteworthy. If women want to look taller, better wear platforms or wedges. "
The study also finds that 10 most foot problems suffered by many users high heels are blistered feet (55%), cracked heels (45%), veruccas or warts (28%), corn or corn (24%), fingernail Ingrown toe (20%), athlete's foot (20%), or bunion bunions (13%), joint problems (11%), excessive foot odor (9%), arthritis or arthritis (9%), and muscle problems (8%),

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