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Afraid Intercepted Russia Re-Use Machine Tik

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Most people probably already started to leave the typewriter and switch to more sophisticated tools, namely computer. However, the Russian state, the machine is still very useful.

A source in the Federal Guard Service (FSO), government security agencies with the task of protecting the Russian high-ranking officials, claiming that they had returned to the typewriter. The decision, as quoted from the Telegraph, Thursday (18/07/2013), is taken to be a state secret information is not leaked.

Already several times important information Russia, which should be confidential, the parties fall into undesirable, such as WikiLeaks. The Russian government did not want the case of Edward Snowden happening in their country.

FSO himself spent substantial funds for the procurement of an electric typewriter. It is said, FSO spend money of 486,000 rubles, or approximately USD 153 million. The money includes ink ribbon made ​​in Germany, Triumph Adlew twen 180, although still unknown kind of typewriter purchased.

"After the scandal with the distribution of classified documents by WikiLeaks, exposed by Edward Snowden, heard reports about Dmitry Medvedev during a visit to the G-20 event in London, it was decided to increase the use of the form of paper documents," said a source from the FSO.

"All the documents are not made ​​on an electronic device. Thing is treated in the security ministry, the ministry of emergency, and special services," he said.

Previously, the name of Edward Snowden, a U.S. national security contractor agency (NSA), suddenly famous because she leaked some important secret U.S. states. Divulge confidential relationship Snowden electronic monitoring conducted by the U.S. intelligence agencies.

Snowden also well known to reveal a secret that Britain spied on some Russian officials at the G-20 event in London, England, in 2009.




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