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Against the Dangers of Sunlight Travelers

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Three-quarters of travelers at risk of skin cancer because they use sunscreen expired.

Surveys conducted in the UK found 74% of people taking holidays at the beach, but use of sun protection lotion over the age of one year.

While, the majority of sun creams have effective use for 12 months from date of purchase. While the manufacturer does not vouch for their ability to counter creams to ultraviolet light after the active period of usage no longer apply.

But most of the tourists said they use a lotion that is more than one year and are even more than one year.

As many as one-third of respondents or 32% said they would continue to use sun cream over the age of two years and a third claimed to still keep the product even after three years, with 15 per cent even store up to four years.

Editor, Emma Leslie, who conducted the study, said: 'Sun cream lose their ability to block UV after one year, so it is advisable to replace your product every summer. "

"If you check the label on the sun cream and have a sign that says" 12M "(12 months), which means that the manufacturer recommends it be used only twelve months after the purchase," he said.

'Effectiveness will deteriorate after the active period is completed and sunscreen will lose their potency, "he said as quoted by dalymail.

UV exposure is a key factor in the development of skin cancer and in the last 30 years of malignant melanoma has become the fastest growing form of cancer in the UK.

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