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Architect Slovakia Magic Billboard So The Home For The Homeless

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You must have seen some billboards are usually lined up on the side of the road. Billboards like this are very common in large cities. The cost of installation and maintenance is quite expensive. And maybe it is hard to imagine its usefulness in addition to advertise products. But in the hands of the designers at The Gregory Project, a billboard could have more value.

Reported by Bored Panda, The Gregory Project is a design team consisting of a collection of talented architects based in Slovakia. Recently, the team introduced a creative building design and multifunctional. They plan to create a billboard that can simultaneously function as a transit home for the homeless.

The design team was trying to optimize the function of advertising boards placed on the edge of roads by making them part of a small and comfortable house that can be utilized by the homeless to spend the night. Thus the burden of home care will be funded from the rental burden imposed on the party advertisers.

Though small, the design of the billboards they have complete facilities. If seen the inside looks like a two-room apartment with a kitchen, office space, a bed, storage space, and a bathroom. Meanwhile billboard will be placed on the outside wall of the house that resembles a triangle. So the two sides of the building will be plastered billboards facing the right side and left the road. While the other side facing the rear will serve as the entrance. 

Currently The Gregory Project creative idea is still only a draft. But many are optimistic that this plan can be realized.

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