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Asement "Sambal Matahof Bali

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Bali foodies, sambal matah name would be familiar. typical of Balinese sauce is usually served as a complement. Sambal means chilli matah raw. As the name implies, this sauce using raw ingredients are fresh. There cayenne pepper, red onion, lemongrass, and lime leaves. All raw materials are sliced ​​thin and mixed. In order to feel fresh, add the sour taste of citrus and vinegar. No lag, shrimp paste also mixed. Sour spicy taste refreshing.
No need to go far away to Bali to enjoy the thrill of the S. sauce. Because April 15 to June 15, 2013, Gumilang Regency Hotel Bandung serves matah Balinese sambal. The sauce is served as a complement to a variety of menu such as nasi campur Bali bali and duck bengil.
Executive Chef Gumilang Regency Hotel, Memet Ariyanto says, Balinese cuisine can be enjoyed a la Iris Resto karte at the hotel. Each menu offered Rp 55,000 per portion. "We deliberately offer a menu of Bali as far Gumilang Regency Hotel is very thick with Sundanese cuisine, so we wanted to offer a different," he said, Monday (04/15/2013).
Nasi campur Bali is complete with a side dish of rice, vegetables and sambal matah. The selected side dish is roasted chicken, satay wrap snapper and spicy egg. As for vegetables, there are a variety of vegetables ointment. "Chicken is chicken which we select males. Prior burned, our first boiled with spices until tender, after which it was burned.'s That taste delicious, because the flavors to infuse into the meat of chicken," said Memet.
While the duck is a duck bengil cooked with local spices boiled until tender, then fried. Spices are used in between the red onion, garlic, chili, kencur, turmeric, sugar, galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves, coriander, and shrimp paste. "Local duck duck 1 kilogram size. Divided we cut four," said Memet.
Because belonging to the main course, duck bengil served with rice, spicy potatoes, ointment, and sambal matah. It feels really tasty, spicy sour typical Balinese cuisine so obvious.
As an acid neutralizer and spicy Balinese menu, Iris Resto also offers drinks named balinese freeze. The drink mix fruit juices such as strawberry and soursop. A serving of freeze balinese Rp 20,000. (Ida Romlah)

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