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Australian Navy Deceptive Asylum Seekers

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The first time Australia using rescue boats to send 56 asylum seekers to Indonesia. Asylum seekers also said they had been duped by the Royal Australian Navy who ejecting them to Indonesia.

Fairfax Media interviewed a large group of asylum seekers originating from Pakistan and Bangladesh. A week ago, they attempted to enter Australia by ship timber after transiting in Indonesia.

The asylum seekers say they are transported by the Australian warship, HMAS Stuart and detained the vessel before the vessel was transferred to the Border Patrol and Customs of Australia. They thought they would be transferred to Christmas Island.

But in the end the asylum seekers were transferred to a small rescue boats fitted orange and enough fuel to reach Indonesia. While Indonesian citizens who captained the ship that brought them to Australia, was forced to lead the asylum seekers take a three-hour travel time to Indonesia.

News of the fraud committed is obtained by Fairfax Media after ejecting Australian asylum seeker vessel on December 26, 2013. Total, already five times Australian reported ejecting the asylum seekers back to Indonesia despite fierce opposition territory by Indonesia and also by the United Nations (UN).

A Pakistani national Fazal Qadir told of the act performed by the Royal Australian Navy. The 28-year-old man said, departing from outside the waters of Java on January 5, 2014 with 56 ships filled with passengers.

"After three days at sea, an Australian aircraft knowing our whereabouts and when it was already in a leaky boat. We feel happy when they met (Australian Navy), we thought that would be acceptable," said Qadir, as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday (01.18.2014).

Qadir with other asylum seekers when it feels confident will be saved, not expelled back to Indonesia. They were raised to HMAS Stuart and move towards Christmas Island.

"We continue to move around the Christmas Island. During the two days we were at the warship," said Qadir.

After being interrogated by the Australian Navy personnel, the asylum seekers are then transferred to a vessel owned by Australian immigration and remain in the vessel for up to three days.

At the end of the asylum seekers back cheated. Qadir said, they are then loaded into a rescue ship which is bound by the Australian immigration ship. The entire asylum seekers then told to go up because it will be transferred to Christmas Island.

But in fact, this is precisely the asylum seekers are given a document that requires them back to Indonesia. In the end, the rescue ship thrust into Indonesian territory and asylum seekers are not able to realize the dream of touching the land of kangaroos.

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