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bad weather interfere with fishing

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Supply of fresh fish catch of fishermen in the area south of Kuta is Jimbaran, Bali Province decreased dramatically since most of them were afraid to go to sea due to deteriorating weather conditions in the region's waters.

"Revenue sail now slightly because of high waves and strong winds to fishermen not to fish," Nyoman said one of the fishermen, he said, although there is still nalayan who sail only a small part, it was not far from the beach for fear of the big waves come suddenly and hit their boat.

"They are also a lot who just sail around the island closest to shelter from the waves high," he said. Other local fishermen, Komar said, usually the fishermen go out to sea to the open sea, but now do not dare because wave heights of three to four feet, and more.

Although still at sea, the fishermen, just around the Jimbaran beach waves are still stable but only a few catches and fish sizes smaller. "The lack of revenue fish also make fish prices rose by 50 percent compared to normal times," he said.

He said, usually when the weather is nice, revenue at sea until a few hundred pounds but now not until setemgah quintal with fish of small size and low selling price.

"Now fishermen choose their activities at home while at sea burden faulty equipment while waiting for stable water conditions

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