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Bali Become Word Travel Road Trip

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The entire region of Southeast Asia is a hotbed for backpackers and those on long-term trips, and Bali is at or near the top of the list. And why wouldn’t it be? The beaches, the rice terraces, the temples, the food, the drinks, and the super cheap prices have travelers coming back for more. No matter what type of trip you’re on, adding an island paradise is always a good idea. If you are planning a RTW trip, then it makes perfect sense to add Bali to your itinerary.

While Bali is definitely the most touristy part of Indonesia, there’s a reason for that. Unfortunately because of the popularity, there are those travelers who leave Bali off their list. Long-term, travelers love to find new and off-the-beaten-path locations, and even if you are not the type who likes super touristy destinations, there are plenty of ways to experience the Indonesian culture in a place like Bali.

Our sister site over on BootsnAll has been putting together city guides that focus on long-term. They have been updating, revamping, and adding tips and advice for getting the most indie experience out of a trip to any city. If you are thinking about adding Bali to a RTW trip, then it’s a good idea to head on over to Boots and see what they have to say.




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