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Bali Dolphin

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A new adventure that worth you to try for a trip to Bali Lovina is an object of tourism in the northern part of the island is located in the village bali.Lokasinya Kalibukbuk, county Buleleng.Untuk achieve, it takes about less than 2 hours drive from the famous denpasar.Hal This place is dolphin.Yang dolphins or interesting here live dolphins in the wild, dolphins appear lovina.lumba waters in the morning at around 5-8 pagi.jadi, If you want to watch, you should arrive at least half 6 (5.30), to get to the sea more awal.Jika you depart from Denpasar / Kuta / Nusa two. You have to get up early and leave around 3 pagi.Memang, hard eyes this hour compromise, sdang cool asiknya beauty sleep ..
To achieve lovina, you will be passing through the area Baturiti tabanan, Bedugul, Gitgit waterfall, go up in the city of Singaraja and Lovina.
Arriving in Lovina, you can sit for a moment and step on the gas toward perahu.Oh yes, do not forget to wear a vest (life jacket), for security and do not forget berdoa.Dan mulai.Banyak boat adventure with the same goal, to see dolphins, seen from berangkat.Team we boarded the boat and started to enjoy the sunrise toward the middle of the beautiful Lovina laut.Sunrise (do not forget to bring a camera with a good quality for an unforgettable experience this)

Arriving on the inside, about 500 boats had gathered and prepared to welcome the emergence of Dolphin.
oh yeah, the best month to see the dolphins is a month from May to September, with sunny conditions and water and wind are friendly, many hordes of dolphins that swim in the morning.
When the stars came out, there was a scream a few boats, shouting for joy, watching dolphins swim gracefully in unison, dive together.
Occurrence is so long, but beautiful enough to be kenangan.Seninya here is when some dolphins chasing the boat in unison as they arise. They want to be number satu.Dengan duration of about 2-3 hours, it will be a wonderful adventure.
If you are satisfied, you can go snorkeling to enjoy the underwater beauty of Lovina, or return to the land and the rest in the shop while drinking hot tea.

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