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Bali Is A Best Honeymoon Destination Number 4 In The World

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Bali Nominated as the best honeymoon destination number 4 in the world. While the first position occupied by the Maldives.

The survey, conducted online in January and February 2014 asking for more than 15,000 customers, to choose one among the 20 locations honeymoon of their dreams. With a ratio of one of the five most travelers choose the Maldives, followed by the Greek Islands, Paris, and Bali respectively.

As we know Maldives is a popular destination for couples, but we were surprised that their appeal is so global. Among some of the countries where we have 100 respondents, only three were not selected as the dream honeymoon destinations most popular, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand.

Bali is a best honeymoon destination number 4 in the world for the customers of the European Maldives is the most popular place for North America, Europe, and Asia. To place who finished runner-up differentiated depending on where the respondents came. Paris became the second choice among Asian tourists, for the Europeans chose Bali and North American people chose the Greek Islands.

Talking about the dream honeymoon, the Europeans prefer distant places, as 89% of respondents chose destinations outside of their area. While Asians do not seem to want to go somewhere too far-just 65% chose destinations outside Asia.

Cancun, Mexico, which is often touted as the best honeymoon destinations in the world, not so much chosen customers. Only 2.4% who chose it as the best place. Of the 20 options available, Montreal is the most popular place, with a turnout of less than 1%.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in the world;

  • Maldives 20.3%
  • Greek Island 7.8%
  • Paris 7.6%
  • Bali 7.1%
  • Hawaii 6.6%
  • Italy 6.5%
  • Caribbean Islands 5.7%
  • Tahiti 5.6%
  • New Zealand 5.2%
  • Istanbul 3.8%
  • Phuket 3.5%
  • Australia 3.4%
  • Prague 2.8%
  • Las Vegas 2.7%
  • New York 2.5%
  • Spain 2.5%
  • Cancun 2.4%
  • Rio de Janeiro 2.2%
  • Croatia 1.0%
  • Montreal 0.9%




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