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Bali Safari & Marine Park

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Bali Safari and Marine Park, Bali is always crowded because it is a tourism paradise world. Bali also has a wide range of tourist facilities are on a mission of conservation and education are also no less interesting to visit such as the Bali Safari and Marine Park which is located at Jalan By Pass Prof. Dr Ida Bagus Mantra. This location is precisely located in three village Gianyar there are Lebih Village, Serongga Village and Medahan Village.

Bali Safari and Marine Park is a national attraction, which is managed by Taman Safari Indonesia. Here you can see a unique medium blend of wildlife dihabitat originally combined with Balinese life. There are various kinds of rare animals that consists of 80 species and 400 species originating from three regions, namely Indonesia, India and Africa, animals originating from Indonesia, among others: Bali Starling, Tapir, Owl, Bear, Pig Deer, Deer East , and the Sumatran Tiger Sumatran elephants, endangered animals from Indian Blackbuck, spotted deer, Himalayan Bear, Nilgai. While animals from Africa and not less interesting are: Camel Hump one, Babbon, Blue Wildebeest, Hippo, Chita, Zebra, Giraffe and Lion.

Bali Safari and Marine Park You can also watch some performances such as:

  • Performances are conducted by trained animals, Animal Education. Here you are also given the knowledge about the life of endangered species.
  • Elephant Conservation & Education show in Kampung Gajah. In this area there is a museum of the elephant, the elephant show, which can be ridden elephants, elephant stables, stalls and souvenir elephant shaped elephant.
  • Elephant Bathing in Ganesha. Here you can watch the elephants bathing and interact directly, but it is also a statue of Ganesha as high as 9 meters and a replica of the relief elephant is in Gunung Kawi.
  • Balinese Holy Water Procession in Tirta basil. It is a sacred bathing place and filled with nuances of Bali. In this place you can watch the daily activities of the people of Bali with its culture.
  • Bambo Balinese music, learning to play the music of bamboo in Bali terminal.
  • Balinese Dancing Class, watch and learn dance performance at Bale Banjar.
  • Tiger of Rainthambore is an ancient fortress located in India, the castle became the indwelling hariamau rare white. In addition, here also you can take pictures directly near the tiger.

Support facilities available here include: Mara River Safari Lodge, is the first in Asia bungalows are in the middle of nature and rare animals, fun zone for children 10 years old, restaurant, caffe and adequate parking area.

Distance needed to get to the Bali Safari and Marine Park is approximately 17 km and takes approximately 30 minutes drive from Denpasar City.

To the diversity of attractions in Bali make anyone who comes wants to go back again because it is not the same as elsewhere.

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