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Bali Water Sport with Guarantee Anti Mainstream

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Bali is an island tour that is very exotic and attractive to hundreds of foreign and domestic travelers. For those of you who have never been to Bali obligatory tasting the beauty of this island guys. Well, not just a popular Kecak guys from Bali, but also the charm of a wide selection of subordinates in a unique tourist attractions, make the travelers come. If you're really on holiday to Bali loss if you do not try out various Bali watersport adrenaline.  

Sea walker


While on vacation in waters where you can spend time with diving or snorkeling now you can do other activities sea walker. As its name guys, walking on the sea adventure you will be invited to walk on the seabed with a safety device while playing with beautiful fish. and you'll get an interesting experience with feeding the fish while swimming with, in addition you can see the underwater scenery is very exotic

Flying board

Enjoy the sensation of flying over the water no longer a dream that can reach a height of approximately 5 meters due to the water pressure is very large with a power of 200 hp. water sports were first popularized by the jet ski world winner Frank Zapata. This already became famous around the world. 


Every visitor will enjoy the game flyboard will be equipped with safety equipment such as life jackets, boots, and gloves. For a few minutes you will be made to fly over the water with a float over various altitudes.even those who are experts, they could do some actions such as jumping and distort their bodies during the flight that was certainly adrenaline. The technique can be learned with operator guidance.

Rolling Donut


This water sport take you down the beach to rise above the balloon is round like a donut is then drawn around the coast by speedboat guys. The capacity of this donut inflatable boats vary. Available from 2 passenger capacity of up to 4 passengers. For rolling donut with a capacity of two people and four people, passengers must be balanced.As for equipment dipergyunakan already an international standard, such as buoys, boat speed and rubber boats donuts.


Wakerboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. The wakeboard is a small, mostly rectangular, thin board with very little displacement and shoe-like bindings mounted to it. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques.


The rider is usually towed behind a motorboat, typically at speeds of 30–40 km/h (18–25 mph), depending on the board size, rider's weight, type of tricks, and rider's comfort. This speed could also depend on the year, make, and model of the boat because some boats, which are not designed for wakeboarding, create a different size wake which the rider may not feel comfortable with. But a wakeboarder can also be towed by other means, including closed-course cable systems. winches, and personal water craft.

Flying fish


Flying fish is a Bali water sports game that uses a rubber boat shaped like a fish. On it there is a connecting rubber, as well as the right and left edge of the section, there is a kind of fish fins resembling wings. The game is made for three people max. Two participants fly fish on the right and left, as well as one person in the midst of a guide.There are a few options positions of participants fly fish while following the game. Like sitting like riding a motorcycle or on horseback, and sleeping on your back.Inflatable boat Flying Fish Bali will be withdrawn speed boat from the coastal plain to the middle of the beach. Speed boat piloted by two guides with high speed and downwind. Because downwind, the boats flying fish would fly as high as approximately two meters above sea.Flying height depending on wind speed. From a distance will look like kites flying in the sea.



Parasailing, also known as parascending or parakiting, is a recreational kiting activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that reminds one of a parachute, known as a parasail wing. The manned kite's moving anchor may be a car, truck, or boat. The harness attaches the pilot to the parasail, which is connected to the boat, or land vehicle, by the tow rope. The vehicle then drives off, carrying the parascender (or wing) and person into the air. If the boat is powerful enough, two or three people can parasail behind it at the same time. The parascender has little or no control over the parachute. The activity is primarily a fun ride, not to be confused with the sport of paragliding





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