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Bali Will Develop Museum Three Dimensional (3D)

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Bali will enhance the role of the museum as a repository for relics of the past and means of introduction to the history. One of them made a breakthrough in the form of museum development of three-dimensional (3D).

3D museum development is very appropriate in order to maintain the existence of the museum in Bali, It is very appropriate to invite the attention of the public, both local and foreign, in introducing the history of Bali. In addition, 3D technology will be very interesting for children who want to take pictures. Because later on, as if they were photographed in the moment the painting.

Moreover, PT Nusantara Creative Bhumi has presented his ideas on the occasion. Regarding the 3D museum, commissioner Creations Bhumi PT Nusantara, Rudy Ghozali, delivered already widely applied by other countries such as Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and others.

While in Indonesia, there is no museum that applying this 3D concept. Therefore, it chose Bali for the first offer, because Bali has a distinctive culture and visited by many tourists for vacation.

"In this museum, we will display 3D painting by displaying a picture of the past history of Bali, as well as icons Bali unique. Moreover, Bali also will make the concept of Historical 3D, by making a diorama or painting featuring historical figures that seemed obvious. This program will partner with the painters who is in Bali to showcase the works of its 3D at the museum. "The works of these painters can also be sold directly on the spot that could provide income for both the government and to the painter in Bali.

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