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Baliem Valley (Papua) Festival 2015

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MBA Bali Tours - Baliem Valley

Explore the frontier of Indonesia's remote Island, begin a spectacular cultural journey and attend the Baliem valey competition regular to require place from 6th -8th August 2015. This year, the distinctive annual competition are focused at the Usilimo District, Jayawijaya Regency, island Province.
This is the one occasion once all the various tribes from the highlands of Wamena and therefore the Baliem vale like the Dani, Lani, and therefore the Yali congregate to celebrate their annual competition. This year the competition are focused within the district of Jayawijaya. situated high within the Jayawijaya Mountains on the Indonesian aspect of the island of recent Guinea, Baliem may be a spectacularly stunning inexperienced vale long hidden on the far side soaring hills.

Highlight of the competition is that the mock social group warfare command to take care of the nimbleness and state of the tribes to defend their villages.
The social group war simulation is regular to be command throughout 2 days that includes concerning twenty 6 teams of 30-50 warriors. These mock battles square measure among the Papuan ancient music of Pikon. Pikon may be a instrument made from wood skin that produces sounds once blown. The sounds created manufacture soothing music. Not many of us will play the instrument because it needs special skills.
Organized by the regency of Jayawijaya, the competition is aimed to introduce and preserve the values and culture of Baliem Valley’s ancient tribes. The Baliem vale competition are increased by varied fascinating art and cultural performances, together with ancient Papuan dances, pig racing, Puradan Rattan Spear Throwing, Sikoko Spear games, Papuan ancient performance, and lots of additional.
There will even be a special competition of Sege throwing and sport competition for foreign guests as a symptom of appreciation for his or her attending. traveller may also expertise truth that means of being a Papuan by carrying the normal costumes of Koteka and have their skins blackened so that they may also be a part of the festivities.
To reach Baliem vale fly to the city of Wamena via Jayapura. There square measure regular flights accessible to Jayapura from national capital and Makassar. To attend the competition it's best to contact Associate in Nursing knowledgeable factor.

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