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Bamboo Most Popular Handicraft For Traveller in Bali

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Bali managed to earn foreign exchange of 7.42 million U.S. dollars from the export of small-scale household industries made ​​from bamboo for 10 months, the period of January to October 2013.

Head of Public Relations of the Provincial Government of Bali I Ketut Teneng in Denpasar expressed in terms of volume shipments of valuable merchandise, it increased 30.24 percent from 4.74 million units in the period January-October 2012 to 6.17 million units in the same period in, 2013.

The condition, he said, shows the results of various types of souvenirs touch of the hands of skilled craftsmen of Bali bamboo raw materials, the cheaper the per unit for units in an overseas market.

Ketut Teneng explained that results of handicrafts made ​​from bamboo is one of the 17 types of small industrial and handicraft households successfully marketed abroad. Bamboo craft capable only contributed 1.86 percent of total exports amounted to 398.75 Bali million.

Ketut Teneng said that the results were combined with bamboo handicrafts made ​​of rattan in various types of engineering, among others, where newspapers, baskets, conical hats, wallets, and various types of unique souvenirs and other interesting.

The merchandise, he said, in addition to penetrate the export market traders are also on display in a number of attractions that many travelers purchased at home and abroad when a holiday to the island.

Exports of handicrafts from bamboo, he said, at most destinations of Singapore, which is 23.69 per cent, 18.74 per cent following the Hong Kong, Australia 12.64 percent, 3.34 percent and Germany.

In addition, 14.14 percent of the United States, Britain 1.07 percent, France 1.02 per cent, Germany 3.34 percent and the remaining 24.08 per cent to a number of other countries, said Ketut Teneng.




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