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Barong Is The Most Popular Dance In Bali

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Barong Dance is the show 's most popular and in demand by tourists in Bali, yet be complete your holiday in Bali before watching the show on this one .
Barong Dance is a dance that is danced by two male dancers, one plays Barong head and front legs and a longer plays belakng legs and tail . Animal shaped barong this Mithology there are many kinds of head -shaped head of a lion, tiger, wild boar male ( bangkal ), elephants, oxen and Keket. Keket by the Balinese to be considered as the king of the forest or also called by the name of the king Banaspati.

This dance is a relic of pre-Hindu culture that uses puppets tangible quadruped or early humans who possess magical powers.
Allegedly derived from the word Barong bahrwang or bear, an animal which has spiritual powers Mithology considered as protective. But in reality Barong in Bali is not only manifested in the four-legged animals but there is also a two-legged. Barong mask is made from anker places such as tombs, and therefore sacred Barong is an object that is highly purified by the Balinese Hindu community. This dance show with or without act, always begins with a demonstration performances accompanied by gamelan different as gamelan gong Kebyar , Babarongan gamelan and gamelan Batel

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