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BBM for Android and iOS Ready to Roll Again In A Few Days

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BlackBerry likely will release the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iPhone soon. It looks from the information that has sent an open letter the company from Waterloo, Canada. According Androidcommunity, an open letter was sent to 30 media in 9 countries. In the letter the BlackBerry actually want to inform the general public that its condition is fine.

Claims for the power of the BlackBerry is still expressed in the letter. BBM is anticipated by 6 million Android and iPhone users, including one that will find strength. BlackBerry also mentioned its flagship application that will soon be released to digital app store Google Play Store and Apple's App Store in the next few days.

Previously, the BlackBerry was going to release a BBM app for Android and iPhone in late September. But failed due to server error activity under attack from unauthorized users BBM app on Android devices.

BlackBery admitted intention does not necessarily stop removing fuel in general. The company re-make improvements in its application to continue the program in the BBM beta Android and iPhone at the beginning of last month.

The presence of updates to the BBM app beta tester team so serious consequence BlackBerry. Latest BBM beta application presents a number of changes including bug fixes, interface changes, the option to remove the BBM icon on the status bar and a new splash page .

Process improvement in the fuel seems to have successfully completed and is ready to be released back into Android and iOS users. But unfortunately BlackBerry does not mention details of the date and time of release of BBM app for Android and iOS.

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