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Be Careful, 5 Fraud Often Occurs in Tourists During The Holidays in Asia

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When the holiday season arrives, tourists crowded tourist destinations. Often it is used by local people to increase profits in the wrong way.

Reporting from various travel sites like Wikitravel up CNNTravel collected in infographics issued booking sites, in several countries in Asia, there are some practices that are often carried out crimes against tourists. Here are 5 things you should consider when traveling in Asia.


In India, you can just meet with an astrologer. Although you do not ask, forecasters will pull your hand and read your fortune through hand lines. Afterwards, he will charge at you. What did he do when not to pay? He cast a curse on you and your family. Spooky is not it?


This happened in Thailand. When you're going to a club or a party night beware. Do not carelessly receive something from someone else. A taxi driver or a driver may offer you drugs.

After you receive and are willing to buy it, someone who has been cooperating with the driver pretending to be a cop. Later police would threat mock you. You are asked to pay very expensive. If not, you threatened to enter the prison.


It is better you learn the public transportation every country in advance. You can learn about these buses, trains, and more. Avoid using taxis are unofficial because often they will fix the price, no meter and that rate is expensive.

Help to take Picture

Helping people is a good thing, but you should still carefully. Often local residents took the opportunity to ask you photographing him and his friends. But it turns out that the camera can not be used.

When you tell the camera can not be used, it will come to you. Deliberately, he makes the camera falls from your hand. You were asked to replace it with a very expensive price.

Change money

This is common in Asia. The taxi drivers, public transport, or cashier gives you the change to have a trick. They will usually give you returns in the form of a coin whose value is not appropriate. Just because you do not really memorize the type of shapes and colors of the coin, you will not really understand how much value those losses.

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