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Beautiful Pink Beaches in The Various Countries, Indonesia Also Have

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Whose name is synonymous with the beach maybe blue sea, palm trees, white sand and brilliant. But in many parts of the world there are beaches that are typical of sand colors.

Some beaches have sand that is characteristic black color, purple, green, to red. There is also a beach with pink sand. Not just one, the pink beaches like this one turns out there are quite a lot. One of the most beautiful structure in Indonesia.

Here we show pink beaches of the most beautiful in the world.

1. Pink Beach Harbour Island, Bahamas

Pink Beach Harbour Island,

One pink sand beaches with the most famous in the world are the Pink Beach in Harbour Island, Bahamas. Up to a distance of three miles, which is visible only faintly pink and white sand are visible. This scene looks more beautiful with the brilliant blue sea.

If scooped by hand, it is clear that there sand mixed with small shells. Apparently, the shells is what makes the color pink sand.

Reported Royal Gazette, shells are colored pink sand beach Harbour Island comes from the type of Homotrema rubrum.

2. Elafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece

Elafonisi Beach,

Elafonisi actually means 'deer island'. But instead of deer, this place is even better known for its beaches. According to the website, Elafonisi is the only beach in Greece in the list of the best Tripadvisor in 2014.

Not only sand beaches, pink became an attraction for visitors. Elafonisi is also home to 110 unique flora. One is Androcymbium rechingeri, flower beds that are rare.

Not just one, Crete has two beaches with pink sand. Besides Elafonisi, Balos is also a favorite tourist attraction because sand beaches faintly pink.

3. Pink Beach, Komodo National Park, Flores

Pink Beach,
 Komodo National Park,

Pink sandy beaches this one is the pride of Indonesia. It is in the Komodo National Park. In addition to witness the rare dragons, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of its beaches. Sand beach here has a pretty pink color concentrated.

In addition, the sea around the island of Komodo also includes the best dive sites in Indonesia. Rows of beautiful coral and hundreds of species of fish can be found here.

4. Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli, Italy

Spiaggia Rosa,

Budelli is an atoll, a ring-shaped coral island in Italy dubbed pink paradise. This charming place is located in between the islands of La Maddalena, lies between Sardinia and Corsica. Sand beaches have pink strawberry milk bath. That's why the water was then named Spiaggia Rosa. The colors produced by a mixture of weathered rocks, shells of crustaceans, shells and crystals.

Reported by, the environmental sustainability of this beach had threatened. In the past many visitors who bring home a sand beach for souvenirs. After that, Spiaggia Rosa was closed to the public for several years. Now, Budelli only be visited during the day during the summer. Travelers are also advised not to cross the line Cavalieri beach. By doing so, Spiaggia Rosa beauty can only be enjoyed from a distance.

5.Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay,

Besides pink beach Bahamas, one of the pink sandy beaches of the most famous in the world is Horseshoe Bay. It is in Bermuda. This beach is a favorite destination for tourists from around the world.

Uniquely, Horseshoe Bay played host to the sand art festival Bermuda Beach Art Festival. In the competition held for the better-this call, participants can compete creativity to make sand art along the beach sand pink.

That row of beach with pink sand from various parts of the world.

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