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Beautiful places for honeymoon in Indonesia

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1. Raja Ampat , West Papua
Located in West Papua, Raja Ampat beauty known to the whole world. There are hundreds of types of coral reefs and beautiful marine fish species in waters. Clear sea water with ornamental fish and corals are so clearly visible under your.On the beach every small islands, there is a seductive white sand.For newlyweds, enjoy Raja Ampat is a dream honeymoon, as if you are on a honeymoon in the month. It feels so perfect to spend time in this place with loved ones.

2. Bukittinggi,West Sumatra
Bukittinggi,Sumatra Barat does have cool air. Although during the day, you will not feel hot in the city. Although already crowded vehicle, the atmosphere was calm and not chaotic. This is the appeal to be a reference Bukittinggi your honeymoon.
Some of the attractions you can also visit as a couple,such as Ngarai Sianok, Jam Gadang, hingga Lubang Jepang. You can rent a traditional vehicle like a wagon, to surround the city. Do not forget to take pictures too, because the landscape is very beautiful.
To stay, there are many luxury hotels around Jam Gadang. The fares start from Rp 200 thousand to millions of rupiah per night, the atmosphere and the air in Bukittinggi, a major treat for the newlyweds.
3. Ubud, Bali
Every traveler, would agree if Ubud become destinations for honeymoon. If Kuta is the party of young people full of frenetic, then Ubud is a place full of tranquility. No bikinis or young woman who was carrying a bottle of beer, in Ubud only green fields and forests and a tranquil atmosphere. That's what makes Ubud as a great place for honeymooners.
In addition to the atmosphere, there are also sights another interesting place to visit. Attractions include Elephant Cave, a variety of themed art museums, Sukawati Market, and many more.
For overnight stays, there are many hotels and resorts are ready to pamper you as a couple. Overnight in Ubud will be an unforgettable sensation, the atmosphere will warm your love as a couple
4. Toba Lake, North Sumatra
In North Sumatra, Lake Toba there are beautiful stretches. This natural beauty can be your next honeymoon destination. The charm of the lake will fill beautiful days you both
Expanse of blue water and calm, with views of the surrounding green will calm outlook. Lake Toba wading as a couple boat, will be an unforgettable experience.I n the middle of the lake, there is Samosir Island has a distinctive culture of the Batak. Around the lake there are many hotels that you can live. Lodged with your partner there and feel the beauty of Lake Toba each time.

5. Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara
One more place honeymoon filled with nuance and beautiful beaches, the island of Moyo. Lots of fun activities that can be done by you and couples while in this location. Ranging from trekking, diving, to sailing. You can explore the jungle with your couple, this will give a sensation for your honeymoon. In addition, the beach is also very beautiful and still maintained the cleanliness and beauty, honeymoon so you will feel comfortable and pleasant. There are also hotels and resorts are expensive there, worth about eight million per night
Well, what do you think? Where do you think you would you go for your honeymoon? Hopefully this information useful for you that will do a honeymoon, do not forget to recommend to your friends.

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