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Beauty La Push Beach from Twilight Movie

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If you are a big fan of the Twilight saga starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, you must still remember the La Push beach is the background in one scene in the movie Twilight. In the story, the beach was touted as a regional power Quileute Indian tribe that the men can turn into a werewolf. In real life, this beach was indeed dominated by the population of the Quileute tribe, although in reality they simply could not turn into a werewolf. 

According to Wikipedia, La Push is a series of beach that is located close to the Forks, the city in the United States mentioned in Twilight as Bella Swan character residence and Edward Cullen. La Push beach consists of three pieces called Beach One, Beach Two, and Beach Three. This beach has a characteristic form of sitka trees, spruces, and evergreens that grow along the coast. Home is where the members of the Quileute tribe, namely the Quileute Indian Reservation. 


The beach is popular among tourists for surfing and fishing in the spring. While the autumn and winter travelers usually visit there to watch the storm. Although at La Push, precisely at Beach Two conservation areas are Quillayute Needles National Wildlife Refuge is a unique fauna and flora store sbuah beautiful waterfall named Taylor Point, but this place is the most popular because it made ​​the setting in the movie Twilight. 

Nowadays many tourists who visit there for some flashback scenes in the story and witnessed what life Quileute tribal members who are still pretty traditional. They even still maintain the tradition of hand skills and native language are still taught in schools. If departing from Forks, visitors can see a variety of souvenir shops that sell Twilight-themed trinkets. Uniquely when passing the border Forks and La Push, visitors can see a simple wooden plaque that reads "Treaty Line, No Vampires Beyond This Point", signifying the border area of the vampires and werewolf powers mentioned in the film.

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