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Beauty of Woven Sidemen Bali

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fabric tenunFabric is not hereditary skills for people of Bali, but also shape cultural identity and ritual artifacts. Outside the scope of traditional communities tourist destination, Bali woven fabric was not limited souvenirs or simply souvenirs typical of Bali only, but continues to grow as a commodity to world culture based fashion.

As well as the community of craftsmen famous Balinese woven fabric that is in Sidemen village in Karangasem regency as one woven fabric production center in Bali. Weave into the fabric of everyday activity in almost every home in the village of Sidemen perform routine activities as a weaver. Almost everyone in the village can weave, learn from their parents for generations.

Surrounded by natural greenery that naturally dominate the scene in Sidemen. The beauty of the rice terraces make the local and foreign tourist tour to the sidemen often do, about two hours drive from Denpasar.

Sidemen there are two main types of woven fabric that has been marketed in Bali and outside of Bali. Woven Ikat, commonly called endek, everyday wear. Woven songket cloth used for important ceremonies in Balinese life cycle, among other gear cutting ceremony, wedding, holidays, cremation, and religious ceremonies as well as in custom events.

The process produces woven cloth will begin to spin a yarn. Then thread stretched across extender tool, and tied with rope helaiannya appropriate decorative pattern and color desired. After the binding pattern, yarn dyed or colored. Thread that has been colored and then in-gintir or disaggregated, and new woven into the fabric.

In weaving songket cloth woven by inserting silver, gold, copper, or colored thread on the underlying warp. Additional placement of these threads form the desired pattern and also sometimes combined with ikat technique.

For those who want to use a woven fabric as a fashion item, not for the sake of the ceremony, issues regarding the fabric of this classic is the thickness and rigidity. As a result, in the past, songket is not easy to use in a variety of fashions.

First weavers wore duplicate thread. Cain after becoming so thick and stiff. Now we introduce woven with a single thread. The process takes twice as long. Price is also much more expensive, but the results, the fabric is smooth and soft.

Bali woven base color is generally bright colors. Therefore, also developed new creations more natural colors, pastel colors, with natural coloring materials.

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