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Because of Tourism, Youth Tulamben Stop School

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Located in the eastern area of ​​Bali, Tulamben become one of the emerging areas in the field of tourism in Bali. Tulamben underwater beauty makes increasingly popular in domestic and foreign travelers.

A number of recreational marine tourism here is diving, snorkeling, or simply enjoy the holiday atmosphere of the sea.

Tulamben village, Kubu district including one mainstay of tourism for the region of Karangasem, Bali's easternmost district. This location is about 100 miles or 2.5 hours drive from Denpasar.

Tulamben tourism developments certainly have a big impact on the economy of society. For example, increasing the economic welfare of society and the increasing number of jobs. However, in addition to the positive impact, there is also less aware of the negative impact that the education community.

Education is one of the most important capital to organize a better future. Awareness of the importance of early education should be. This is one issue that people felt Tulamben.

Lack of awareness of education is very pronounced. I think this is one of the negative impacts of tourism development in Tulamben. The number of jobs that exist without the concerned educational background makes many young people drop out of school in Tulamben choose.

They chose to work directly keudian switch without thinking about education. They do not realize the importance of higher education to get a job which is more feasible in the future. One example of workers porter or carrier scuba gear. Many children work as a porter switch to get the money. It's so easy to make money as a porter makes them willing to leave the school.

It is one of the negative impacts that must be dealt with local communities. Increasing awareness of education is very important. Family into the spotlight the most important in raising awareness of education for children in Tulamben.
Families should pay more attention to the development of their children, so they are not easy to drop out of school. This is an effort to promote Tulamben be better.

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