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Behavior Change Dolphins At Total Solar Eclipse

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Secure Impian Jaya Ancol observing total solar eclipse impact on the animals that are in Ocean Dream Samudra. This observation involves the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). Researchers Biodervitas and Marine Resources Conservation LIPI, Hagi Yulia Hugea say, when a total solar eclipse occurs, it turns out the different behavior of the dolphins According to him, the animal known as man's best friend is more silent than usual were always lively. "The observation had turned out despite the conditions of a total solar eclipse, it still looks natural character of animals to protect themselves he responded to a natural phenomenon. The dolphin was barely resting and silence. More hiding in the pond, "said Hagi Yulia, Jakarta, Wednesday (09/03/2016).



He explained that the dolphins feel fear as a total solar eclipse arrives. Marine mammals, he said, felt strange changes from daytime to night suddenly. "Because he feared a sudden change in the dark.Moreover, the appeal moon gravity to the sun which affect animal instincts. It turned out that the animals are also afraid, "he explained.He added, there are also striking behavior in dolphins is more likely to dive.This occurs because the dolphins confused with natural phenomena that occur suddenly."The most dominant he hid. He rarely jumps. She had baseball activities. He was confusion, whether it's night or not, and he was confused between the bed or jump," he said.

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