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Benefits and Impacts Drink of Coffee

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Coffee is one of the favorite drinks in the accompany daily activities, either at work, while relaxing at home, or while chatting with relatives. In addition to the distinctive taste, coffee is also believed to have a positive effect for the audience. Chlorogenic acid contained in coffee, is believed to inhibit the absorption of excess sugar in the digestive tract, which can decrease the risk of diabetes.

But beyond that, this drink also has a risk that is not less dangerous. Primarily, for those who have ulcer disease and heart disease. When consumed in excess, which had seemed delicious coffee became a serious threat to health.

Danger on the coffee actually comes from the caffeine contained therein. For those who are sensitive to caffeine, coffee drinking can cause blood circulation becomes tighter. Thus, the heart rate increases rapidly. The worst risk of such a situation is death. But, if you are not sensitive to caffeine consumption and the problem is still not safe for health.

For patients with ulcer disease, should not consume coffee on an empty stomach. Because, it can cause stomach acid to rise, so that irritate the stomach. Related benefits of coffee that is believed to prevent drowsiness, he considered, it was still having side effects. Namely, the fatigue experienced by coffee lovers can be doubled than usual. Because that should be used for time off, but instead is used to study and work.

Medically, it is not advisable to drink coffee. However, if you feel really need coffee to support the activities at night or during sleep attack, taking them may be done. But the condition, there are not too many. Within a day, preferably just one glass only.

Also, make sure you do not have medical records at risk, such as ulcers or heart disease. Because, as noted, for patients with the disease can be an opportunity to drink coffee to death.

To minimize the risk of health problems, it is suggested that coffee drinkers increase the consumption of water and milk. Because the two types of beverages have the ability to neutralize the negative effects of coffee on health. Better not drink coffee that is too thick.

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