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Best Applications For Traveling

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Traveling has become increasingly enjoyable activity with the presence of supporting a variety of applications. Ranging from helping plan the itinerary, give information about public transportation, to be a medium to share unforgettable moments along the way. Is ready to explore the world? Here is a list of the best travel apps to support your trip.

1. Instagram

Who does not know the platform of photo and video-sharing this popular? Instagram you can use as a reference point or object of interest to visit. Not a few users who give tips or recommendation cafe and bar that you can try. Of course, you also can share beautiful moments vacation through this platform. Dress up your photos with various filter options offered. And hey, Instagram has just added 5 new filter you can jajal.

2. Localeur

Bored with the recommendation sights too "touristy"? Localeur who calls himself "more than just a guide book" This is the website and applications that focus on local experience are recommended by people who live in the city. Every writer has a profile and photo, as well as explain who they are and whatever appeal they have.

Founder Joan Spearman said that despite Localeur paid for their contributions, an application aims to provide a recommendation as an email sent to a friend.

3. Uber

Applications are often mistaken for a taxi company does require a WiFi network to access. However As a technology company with a car rental service, Uber is one easy way to navigate a country or city that does not have reliable transportation or trustworthy. To see a list of countries and cities where these applications are available, you can visit the site

4. Trover

Combines features of Instagram and Trip Advisor, Trover you can use to search for an object in a state recommendation. Users are encouraged to upload photos and give a recommendation to the venue. But of course, not 100% of the information provided is accurate, the same as other similar services.

5. Quizlet

Traveling is not only about sightseeing and shopping. You can also learn a lot of things when I travel. Learning the local language, for example. Quizlet, this smart app allows you to peek flashcards other users and learn. There are quite a lot of the number of languages ​​available at various levels of the 'basic' to 'advanced'.

6. Skype

Voice and video call this popular seems to be the best option to stay connected with loved ones when you're on the go. As long as you are in an area with a WiFi network, you can save without having to pay more for international roaming.

7. Hyperlapse

Is offline? No need to worry, after downloading Hyperlapse without internetpun network you can use this application to document vacation moment via a video. Application made by Instagram is able to create time-lapse video high speed.

8. Pinterest

In addition to Instagram and Trover, you can also see the recommendation place via Pinterest. Here you can search for the location, view photos and articles posted by users. Since Place the pin was launched a year ago, now has more than 70,000 place pin uploaded every day.




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