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Best Place To See Sunset in Indonesia

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There are different sunset in Indonesia, the beauty of a sunset in the country can be enjoyed from many spots such as roads, mountains, and most mainstream place is the beach. Light orange coloring the horizon just before sunset swallow the earth give calm and romantic atmosphere.

Seemed never tired of many a traveler who always comes to the spots cool just to see this moment. Not only reassure people or perpetuate the beautiful scenery at sunset moment that makes them always come and come again but this is one super cool tourist attractions that are free of charge. Best Place To See Sunset in Indonesia

1. Rawa Pening, Semarang

The first spot that can be visited is the Rawa Pening, Semarang. This place is a lake located on the outskirts of the city of Semarang precisely located on the edge of Highway Ambarawa, Banyubiru, Semarang regency. Loss of taste when it comes to the lake is only seeing the sun slowly disappeared behind the mountain without capture in camera shots.

The most beautiful spot to watch the sunset in Rawa Pening is from the village of Kesongo. Come to this village in the afternoon and the best moments capture the beauty of the sunset was 30 minutes before the sun completely submerged. Rawa Pening Swamp area not only provides incredible views of the sunset, but also a beautiful sunrise.

2. Tanjung Nusaniwe, MALUKU

Unhindered mountains, enjoy the sunset at Tanjung Nusaniwe traveler could sunset. The sun will look so orange in the final seconds illuminate the earth in that day. This is a beautiful spot watching the sunset in the Moluccas.

Tanjung Nusaniwe located at Latuhalat village, Ambon, Maluku. It is a beautiful beach that has not been managed well so it was in this beach feel being on a private beach. You can be very satisfied to enjoy the afternoon sun exotic without interference from other travelers on a holiday just because the beach is only a 2-hectare visited by hundreds of traveler alone. Tanjung Nusaniwe within 18 kilometers from the downtown Ambon.


Kuta, Bali is a famous beach in Bali one of the most beautiful sunset hunting spots in Indonesia. Setting sun will look like drowning in the sea because the beach is fitting position facing towards the west where the sun will set in that direction.

Every day when the weather is sunny start at 4 pm domestic and foreign tourists will flock to the coast waiting for sunset. Half an hour before sunset, look very large in size as the moon when full, but with the color orange to red. The reflection of the light that is exposed to seawater will illuminate all the area and turn it into a sea of orange.


If the Kuta Bali has a spot of hunting sunset the island of Lombok has Senggigi Beach. The beach also has a view of the sunset and became the most famous place to see the sunset in Lombok. The difference with Kuta, Bali is the atmosphere at the beach is relatively not as busy as in Kuta which is already well-known in the world. So enjoy the sunset at Senggigi provide comfort themselves and more private.

Generally, the best time to see the beauty sunset on Senggigi Beach conducted at 18.30 pm. That's when you will come to the beach to relax while waiting for the sunset until the light is lost. From Bali traveler could board the ferry for 30 minutes to Senggigi from Karang Harbour.


Moyo Island in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara known to have clean beaches with clear water and calm waves. With all the exoticism owned this would not be surprised if the beach on the island is becoming one of the favorite place to see the sunset traveler. Sunset on the beach Moyo Island champion and became one of the best in the world.

In the afternoon when the moment the sun began to sink, light orange sun will transform into a reddish blue sky. Visible on the western horizon the sun with light fading looks perfectly round and not dazzle again so fit for the object of camera shots.

6. BOROBUDUR, Magelang

Borobudur is the largest temple in the world that also became an iconic tourist destinations of Indonesia which suck a lot of tourists visit from different countries. The temple is located in Magelang, Central Java, which borders the Jogjakarta so that not infrequently traveler who associate with Yogyakarta and Borobudur even though the building is located in a different area.

Beauty Borobudur will increasingly shine at dusk. Orange light of the sun will give a golden color effects across the region presenting the charm of an amazing sunset. At this moment a traveler can capture the silhouette of stupa temple so fascinating.

7. Gili Trawangan, Lombok

In addition to the Senggigi Beach, Lombok has one more hunting spot captivating sunset is at Gili Trawangan. The water is calm will reflect light with a perfect orange sun creates a sensation like a giant mirror in the sea level.

If you could search the western part of Gili Trawangan. From this side of the traveler will see the sun set against a backdrop of Mount Agung in Bali hypnotic eyes. Many a traveler who said that if the sunset on Gili Trawangan is the best in Indonesia.


Anyer, Banten tourist area has some beautiful beaches. One of them was Carita Beach. This beach facing west so that it becomes one hunting spot sunset on the island of Java.

From this beach a traveler can see the legendary mountain is Mount Krakatoa. When evening arrives relax on the beach while enjoying the natural form of sunset with silhouette of Mount Krakatau creates incredible sensation charming.

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