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Booking via Mobile Applications Boom in World Traveling

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Increasingly prevalent trend of tourism can not be separated from the development of technology. In addition to book online via computer, travel the world in 2013 will also be enlivened by the rise of booking via smartphone applications.

Almost every traveler, especially the traveler Indonesia, have a smartphone with a variety of types. In terms of traveling, a lot of travelers who find it more convenient with the travel applications especially booking hotels or flights.

"In June 2012 our mobile users only 30 thousand., In December reached 150 thousand. From there it can be concluded, the growth of mobile users who book online up to 5-fold," said General Manager Rajakamar Indonesia, the exhibition Chanjaya International Travel and Holiday Fair (ITHF) 2013, Hall A JCC Senayan, Central Jakarta, Friday (02/15/2013).

Booking online has become one of the travel trends of 2013. But new is the booking via mobile phone applications. Rajakamar is one of the largest online hotel in Indonesia, which has applications in Blackberry and Android.

"As of December 2012 the number of app downloaders Rajakamar in BB and Android through the 60 thousand. Earlier, in June 2012 only 25 per thousand," added Chan.

The figure, he added, larger downloaded by Android users. For 'the green robot' on this one, the number reached 35 thousand while the download for BlackBerry 25 thousand.

Until now, most of the offline and online transactions on the site Rajakamar still come from Jakarta. Some of the main destinations of Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta.

"The price range of the most booked Rp 400 thousand-600 thousand,

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